United States

RSM supports communities through the pandemic


The past several weeks have been unprecedented, with the coronavirus pandemic presenting many challenges, but also opportunities for us to come together and support one another.

Near the outset of the pandemic, our senior leadership team decided to support our communities and our people as the world and the way we work and interact with one another changed almost overnight.  

Restaurants and grocers, which make up a large number of our client base, were hit by stay-at-home orders. To help ease their pain, and to help our people, RSM provided our employees with a weekly per diem allowance for their use in supporting local grocers and restaurants through the end of April. For employees who elected not to take advantage of the per diem, the RSM US Foundation donated funds to local food banks across the country.

Both options ultimately supported the communities where our people live and work. More than $1.8 million was donated to local food banks through this program, and $2.9 million was spent by our people to support their local restaurants and grocers.    

Stewardship has been one of RSM’s core values since the firm was founded in 1926. It’s our honor to be able to demonstrate that value during these unprecedented times.