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2020 Power Your Education Scholarship Program Winners


Congratulations to our 2020 Power Your Education scholarship program recipients. Through this scholarship, each winner received $10,000 for the 2020/2021 academic year from the RSM US Foundation.

Meet the 2020 winners

Kent Broadbent
Information Systems at Brigham Young University

“After developing artistic and technical skills in the film industry, I'm ready to bring that creative angle into the business technology industry.”

Danielle Choi
Information Technology and Systems at The University of Texas at Dallas

"Because I look at the world with a starry-sky perspective, I stay curious and eager to learn.”

Michael DiNuto
Accountancy at Arizona State University

"I am constantly improving myself so I can be of service to others.”

Faith Goh
Accounting at San Diego State University

“My belief that we can all contribute positively to the world drives my compassion and ability to empathize deeply with others.”

Timothy Lau
Accounting and Business Administration at the University of Southern California

“Placing 13th in a national spelling bee inspired me to tutor young spellers and help others achieve their dreams.”

Zainab Lotia
Management Information Systems at the University of Houston

“Being an immigrant with a different cultural background has helped me develop a knack for empathy.”

Mary Clare Neisess
Business at University of Maryland College Park     

“A serious car accident made me realize what a gift life is, so now I try to live each day to the fullest.”

Crystal Point Dujour
Accounting at Florida Atlantic University 

“I find great joy to be of service to those in need around me. A goal of mine is to mentor underserved minority youth.”

Alex Riccio
Accounting at University of Tampa

“I am proud of the difference I've made building homes for wounded veterans, raising money for cancer research and providing tax return services for low-income households.”

Sarah Suber
Accounting at Florida State University 

“Through adversity I learned that I am truly driven. I can play the long game to achieve my goals and I can be fearless.”


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