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2019 Power Your Education Scholarship Program Winners


Congratulations to our 2019 Power Your Education scholarship program recipients. Through this scholarship, each winner received $10,000 for the 2019/2020 academic year from the RSM US Foundation.

Meet the 2019 winners

Esther Cha
Business Administration at University of Southern California
Watch Esther’s video submission

“I am a business student who is striving to bridge the gap between nonprofits and business. I believe that the two intersect and have practiced that by managing and co-founding a college homeless shelter.”

Nicola Falco
Accountancy at Northern Illinois University
Watch Nicola’s video submission

"My motto is to ‘be real’ not to ‘be realistic.’ With my vigorous spirit of inquiry, I strive to learn, to develop others, and take action. Just remember, it's possible. Rise above the odds and lead.”

Mackenzie Fazenbaker
Accounting at Samford University
Watch Mackenzie’video submission

My passion to serve makes me unique. Whether by starting my own non-profit, giving people financial advice, or helping others start their own businesses, I want to use accounting to impact others.”

Julia Han
Business Administration and Applied and Computational Mathematics at University of Southern California
Watch Julia’s video submission

“As a statistics teaching assistant, ex-aerospace engineer, and knitting enthusiast, I'm passionate about understanding and helping others achieve not just one passion, but all of their true potential.”

Iris Huang
Accounting at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Watch Iris’ video submission

“Something that makes me unique is that I have an imaginary abacus in my head. I have learned abacus and mental arithmetics for 11 years of my life and to this day I use it on a daily basis.”

Nga Wing Lau
Business Economics at University of California, Irvine
Watch Nga Wing video submission

“I may have a timid-looking outer shell, but my determination to confront situations that challenge my self-esteem is what brings out the confidence in me to break that shell and proclaim ‘This is Me.’”

Kavaughn Lindsay
Accounting at University of Houston     
Watch Kavaughn’s video submission

“I enjoy how enlightened I've become. As a student in Houston, one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the US, I love the variance! The experiences and the perspectives have broadened my horizon.”

Cionelle Malijan
Accounting and Information Systems at California State University, Northridge
Watch Cionelle’s video submission

“I love to travel and see other people's lifestyles and culture. It is always very different from mine and I like how the entire trip is a learning experience.”

Andrew Sytek
Accounting at University of South Florida – Tampa
Watch Andrew’s video submission

“Sophomore year of college I suffered a severe brain injury and took a semester off. I returned as an accounting major, opened a company providing photography services, and joined Beta Alpha Psi.”

Laura Zaweski

Accounting at James Madison University
Watch Laura’s video submission

“I've performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC, twice! I played violin from 5-16 years old, I was part of an orchestra called the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of NY, and with them I played the best hall in the U.S.!”

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