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RSM's managed IT services helps bank achieve IT consistency


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Founded in 1888, C US Bank is a rural community bank with five locations. Over the last two years, the bank, formerly known as Cresco Union Savings Bank, has grown significantly.

The bank’s IT department was having problems related to their technology and personnel. It was difficult for them to attract and retain qualified IT talent. In addition to losing superior personnel to other companies and opportunities, the institution also faced a challenge of a different nature. Each new IT employee had a different idea for the bank’s technology strategy and would often modify the process and road map to make it “theirs.” As a result, they knew they needed to find a better way to manage and retain their technology personnel.

RSM consultants discussed the RSM managed IT services model with C US Bank leadership, detailing the benefits of providing consistent day-to-day service desk capabilities to end users and providing access to high-level consultants experienced in developing system design methodologies.

After closely evaluating the managed IT services program, C US Bank determined that the model was a good fit to help them achieve the consistency they lacked in the past. To better understand exactly which services the bank needed, RSM performed a needs assessment.

By using managed IT services and implementing a cohesive strategy, the bank could establish the continuity, direction and alignment that were previously missing. The bank now leverages technology across multiple platforms rather than maintaining separate technology silos.

The managed services monitoring feature uncovered performance issues with the bank’s video conferencing system. The RSM team confirmed the findings with end users and by standardizing equipment and configuring the system more holistically, those issues were resolved. The video conferencing capabilities improved, along with user satisfaction.

Maintaining C US Bank’s security was an area RSM also targeted for improvement. In the past, the bank used a single-threaded security approach, addressing security on a case-by-case, as-needed basis. The RSM managed IT services monitoring system was able to streamline their approach to security, creating an easier process for addressing security concerns. New levels of complexity were not necessary; the existing environment was adapted to incorporate security improvements.

Managed IT services and related infrastructure improvements allow C US Bank’s end users to enjoy a more consistent experience, regardless of where users are when they access their accounts.

These improvements were possible through a combination of monitoring and reporting systems that are capable of revealing inconsistencies. RSM also understood that a more consistent environment for C US Bank would help them increase efficiency, allowing them to become more profitable.

C US Bank has been able to increase customer and employee satisfaction. Benefits include:

  • Consistency in service for end users
  • Improved ability to predict how and when technology dollars are spent, reducing the likelihood of surprise expenditures
  • Alignment with the rest of the business
  • Reduced technology expenditures, resulting from a common strategy and lower turnover in IT personnel

They said it
“RSM has provided us with greater confidence in our IT framework and increased performance from our systems. A consistent and focused technology strategy has provided a significant amount of value by increasing the level of customer and employee satisfaction.” –Rhonda Albert, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, C US Bank