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CRM implementation results in greater efficiency and cost savings

County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania


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County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) has been serving all 67 counties of Pennsylvania since 1886. Acting as a strong, unified voice, CCAP acts as an advocate and provides leadership on those issues that will enhance and strengthen the ability of county commissioners to better serve their citizens and govern more effectively and efficiently.

CCAP’s staff of 68 employees had stored all of its membership data in 30 different databases, then in 2003 consolidated them to 11 Access databases in a proprietary system they developed internally. Working with these non-integrated databases had continued to cause some problems with their efficiency as each department and program had to maintain their own information and some counties could exist in as many as 14 databases. Mail would get returned with bad addresses and they wouldn’t know which of the databases to correct. Their main goal was to consolidate the silos of data into one centralized system.

RSM implemented a 68 user license of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Business Solution, creating a centralized system for the organization.

Chosen for its internet accessibility, affordable cost and flexibility with modifications, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM has changed the way the entire organization handles data. All departments and programs are now integrated and sharing their membership information.

CCAP credits the successful outcome of this implementation to the extra care taken with its data before converting it to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Scribe was used to clean up the data and to check for duplicates.

Showing an annual savings of $20K per year, the investment has already paid for itself. It only takes one person now to maintain changes to the records and the mailing procedures have also seen big improvements. Less mail is returned through address verification as it is entered in CRM.


  • Created a centralized database (from 30 Access databases to 11 to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM)
  • Improved consistency of data entry
  • Implemented new standards throughout all of CCAP affiliates
  • Improved county visibility beyond address and demographics
  • $20K savings thru internal staff resources and mail efficiencies using centralized system

They Said It
“Other membership management software was a choice among the competition but those solutions were delivered in modules and modifications were costly. It didn’t offer me the same control as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. I could make the changes myself and not have to rely on third-party products.”

— Rita Reynolds, IT Director, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania