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CRM solution reduces manual workload and increases efficiency by 99 percent


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Compass Wire Cloth Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000 certified fabricator of wire cloth, maintaining one of the largest and most complete inventories of wire cloth in all meshes, alloys and wire diameters in the industry.

Compass Wire had historically processed their sales orders manually. The process would take two to three days per order to deliver to the warehouse for production. The process included handwriting the original order from the customer, entering the order into a log, recording the order in the Microsoft Dynamics SL Accounting System, re-writing the order onto a job card and, finally, hand delivering the orders to the production department.

RSM implemented the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Business Solution. Compass Wire’s CRM system now houses all of its order information and is configured to handle any one of five different types of orders the company processes. Each order has at least one job card assigned to it.

All of this information is recorded in the CRM system by the front-office staff and through automation services, producing the order and its corresponding job cards (formerly paper, now electronic) directly to the staff in the fulfillment center. These printouts were customized to the needs of Compass Wire, calling programming logic and formulas to provide them with a visually simple job card.

Because orders and job cards are stored in the CRM system, the administrative staff can efficiently print reports related to production and shipping and search for orders in a quick and well-organized manner.


  • Re-entry of job tickets for production has been eliminated
  • Orders are filled faster with less manual work, reflecting a 40 percent reduction in interruptions
  • Eighty percent of manual paperwork has been eliminated
  • Internal documentation is automatically created to support ISO requirements

They Said It
“With the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM system, we have eliminated duplication of effort and streamlined our sales process with improved turnaround. And the system automatically creates the internal document we need to support our internal process and ISO requirements. As a result, we are now more efficient, our sales team is more effective, and our customer satisfaction has increased considerably.”

— Christopher Toppi, General Manager, Compass Wire Cloth Corporation