Microsoft Dynamics 365 for dairy 

Building on years of focus and success in the dairy industry, RSM’s globally recognized Dynamics 365 consultants are uniquely positioned to deliver the technology solutions that help dairy clients’ fuel growth and profitability while simultaneously minimizing cost and risk.

They leverage on behalf of these dairy clients the proven knowledge of the largest Dynamics 365 practice in the United States, a documented track record of success in the dairy industry, and the power and capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Dairy—RSM’s end-to-end solution suite for the dairy industry, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. 

RSM consultants drive dairy industry focus, specialization, success

RSM’s depth of engagement and success in improving dairy industry operations can be summed up in the simple statement, “We know dairy.” As a member of the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), RSM is an industry-recognized thought leader whose technology solutions are winners of the IDFA and InterBev Processing Innovation Awards and finalists for the IDFA and InterBev Innovative Technology Awards. Industry certified by AMR Research for Process Manufacturing, RSM’s dairy industry solutions have also contributed to its being named among the leading software and technology companies by Food Logistics magazine.  


Learn how snack manufacturer, BFY Foods, implements sophisticated ERP solution in shortened time using RSM's Rapid Verification Model for Dynamics 365.


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RSM understands dairy industry business drivers

When it comes to delivering technology solutions designed to address vertical requirements, there is never any substitute for consultants with relevant industry experience. To this end, RSM brings dairy producers and processors the unrivaled experience of its top-tier Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, along with the knowledge and insights gained from their years of work and success in the dairy industry. Bringing these highly specialized skill sets to bear alongside the company’s powerful ERP solution—Commodity Contract Management (CCM) for Dairy—enables RSM’s dairy clients to address some of this unique industry’s most pressing business and operational challenges, which include requirements to: 

  • Manage complex farm-to-shelf operations in one single, fully integrated platform, eliminating the error, inefficiencies and time delays inherent in manual and spreadsheet management of operations. Free from the growth-limiting inefficiencies that characterize such manual and disconnected legacy systems, dairy clients are able to scale to meet and exceed corporate goals—whether these include global operations, product line expansions or both.
  • Boost margins and profitability through process and system automation, operational improvements and advanced business reporting metrics.
  • Drive revenue growth by introducing SKUs for new dairy product variants with premium prices to address the demands of specialty markets.
  • Accomplish complex, industry-specific needs analysis with complete dairy financials and cost accounting.

Uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that enable dairy operations to grow and scale their businesses, simplify and speed processes, and make smarter, faster, better-informed decisions, RSM’s industry-focused consultants specialize in addressing exactly these types of industry challenges, delivering measurable improvements and efficiencies to critical business operations and key performance indicators (KPIs).

RSM delivers unrivaled Dynamics 365 solutions, designed exclusively for dairy

Built on the Dynamics 365 platform and designed to give dairy clients the flexibility, visibility and scalability they need to drive revenue and support sustainable growth, RSM’s CCM for Dairy is a true farm-to-shelf solution that addresses the unique and complex requirements of this challenging and unforgiving industry, while also ensuring compliance with its substantial regulatory requirements, featuring functionality such as:

  • Advanced lot trace: Streamlining compliance efforts and enabling real-time responses to critical scenarios, users enjoy automated, electronic processes to manage critical control points (CCP) in their supply chains, develop food safety and recall plans, and manage traceability for raw materials, intermediates and finished products.
  • Blend optimizer: Automating complex and dynamic blending calculations, users are able to automatically determine the least-cost formulation for a series of production orders to ensure each batching, blending or mixing job is a carefully calculated production order of the least-cost specifications for the finished product.
  • Dairy accounting: Accurately managing complex, dairy-specific accounting requirements, users have access to complete dairy financials and cost accounting functionality, enabling them to automate milk market pricing, generate milk accountability reports, track critical milk components, gain insight into dairy component cost and pricing impact, and simplify batch prepayment and settlement.
  • Dairy industry tracking: Simplifying tracking data for product quality and inventory control, users are able to define and maintain multiple potencies and units of measure to accurately reflect quality data. 
  • Direct store delivery: Simplifying the end-to-end route accounting process, users are able to support static and ad hoc routes, load sequencing, delivery calendars, route optimization, vendor-managed inventory and delivery via distribution centers.
  • Inventory reclassification: Eliminating the need to manually track and reconcile item movements by class, users are able to automate tracking and reconciliation processes based on the final use of the product.
  • Milk market accruals and pricing: Eliminating the need to maintain manual spreadsheets to value inventory, estimate final settlement payments, and book appropriate accruals, users enjoy automatically reclassification of inventory to maintain an accurate milk market accrual, reflecting real-time financial impact, while also allowing for the definition of market prices based on milk market announcements or open market spot prices.
  • Producer payroll: Delivering producer financials management for complex, highly regulated dairies and co-ops, dairy manufacturers enjoy a simplified method of milk receiving with this quality control and tracking system designed for complex producer payroll functions. Fully integrated with accounts payable, it enables dairies to automatically track transactions to record both inventory and accruals to the general ledger based on user-configurable class and cost component structures.
  • Production scheduling: Reducing error, inefficiency and workload associated with scheduling, dairy processors are able to improve the quality of production schedules to ensure they are able to quickly and seamlessly respond to schedule changes throughout the day.
  • Recipe data calculation: Simplifying complex recipe calculations, users are able to define potency data on ingredient and finished product levels, as well as automatically obtain calculations of correct ingredient quantities or suggestions for the correct mix of ingredients based on the finished product quantity requirements.
  • Specification reporting: Streamlining compliance efforts, users are able to produce Certificate of Conformance and Certificate of Analysis specification reporting, generating certificates of analysis on demand, with tests configurable for criteria such as temperature, titratable acidity, odor, visual indicators, pH, coliform, total plate count and the presence of antibiotics, yeast and mold.
  • User-definable classes: Architected with a user-definable class and dairy component structure that can be set up and configured individually without the need for coding changes, users are able to rely on the system to maintain respective component costs by class, effectively enabling the system to automatically reclassify, accrue and report in real time.
Such industry-specific functionality requirements are the very complexities a true industry-specific solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built to adapt to.  Adding dairy industry accelerators from RSM to enhance out-of-the-box functionality from day one speeds and simplifies how RSM’s dairy industry clients successfully meet many standard industry challenges.


Microsoft has recognized RSM with a gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status. RSM has also been awarded some of Microsoft’s most prestigious awards in vertical-specific areas. 

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development II
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal Development I
  • Dynamics 365 Advanced Administration
  • Reporting and Business Analysis for Dynamics 365

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