Supply Chain Merger and Acquisition Support

An integrated solution to help your company achieve value faster

When your company faces a merger or acquisition, the experienced professionals at RSM can help determine the impact on your supply chain. During the multifaceted process of integration and separation, our team provides both pre-close and post-close supply chain support.

Working with RSM gives your company access to our financial and operation experienced professionals to enhance the quality of earning and pre-deal diligence. We can accelerate the timeline to achieve value with an integrated pre-close practice and our holistic suite of capabilities.

During pre-acquisition due diligence procedures, we provide extensive industry operational knowledge to help quantify synergy and cost savings, which then become part of the overall deal pieces. We will make sure your company is prepared for day one of post-close integration and separation. On the post-close side, our team will perform discreet projects to augment portfolio company management and operational projects to drive improvement or scale to growth.

The key pieces of RSM’s merger and acquisition supply chain support are:

  • Operational due diligence: We identify and quantify business process improvement opportunities, while uncovering critical risks and supporting the client’s investment thesis.
  • Synergy and cost savings: Our team quantifies cost savings, from both consolidating shared functions and restructuring operations, as we evaluate revenue growth and margin impact of combined operations and sales networks.
  • Integration execution and value capture: The experience professionals at RSM can help your company manage critical integration tasks to ensure operations’ continuity and realize synergies faster.

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