Financial Advisory Case Studies

Family office and forensic analyses of key financial processes

Prudent payment integrity assessments and analysis of financial processes help family offices reduce risk and streamline financial reporting

Going public on an accelerated timeline with a conglomerate

How RSM conquered a time crunch in helping a large conglomerate prepare for an initial filing and life as a public company.

Proven processes enable rapid, effective aiding and abetting analysis

Through rapid planning and execution, RSM completed a complex financial investigation for a large software company in a condensed timeline.

RSM helps BDC gain more robust and accurate asset valuations

Learn how RSM’s technical and financial services industry knowledge helped a BDC navigate their valuation prior to listing on the NASDAQ.

Community bank finds real value in RSM’s services during major merger

Learn how RSM helped a bank perform due diligence and valuation during a major acquisition, and manage IT and telecommunications challenges.

Close examination of a real estate venture reveals ongoing fraud

A real estate venture was profitable for years. But when one partner looked closely, the project seemed less successful than it appeared.

Valuation needs in the life sciences industry are anything but generic

This case study focuses on the importance of a deep understanding in life sciences company valuations. Learn more.

Successful IPO execution requires a multidisciplined approach

RSM client servers assist a large private equity industrial real estate company in their preparation to go public.

Anti-fraud program assessment in response to major acquisition

Learn how a bank validated and strengthened its anti-fraud approach while integrating a major acquisition.

Forensic examination identifies over $1 million in underpayments

An insurance underwriter turned to RSM to investigate suspicious activity related to inconsistent reporting and unexpected operating results.