Portfolio Valuation Services                       

Robust, timely valuations for BDCs, private equity firms, registered investment advisors

There’s more at stake than there used to be in today’s valuation arena.

Valuation committees are concerned, and rightly so, about adequately fulfilling their fiduciary duties. There’s the additional risk of running into problems with regulators if valuations don’t meet the test of increased regulatory scrutiny ― just two of many important reasons your valuations must reflect the market.

How can we help you?

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Our portfolio valuation experience can improve transparency and reporting for investors and other stakeholders. Since we’re experienced in auditing other third-party appraisal reports, we also understand what’s required to make your audit process more seamless by eliminating time lost with supportable valuation documentation and using sound market analysis to ensure valuation conclusions are robust, defensible and transparent. We help organizations like yours improve the quality and completeness of your financial reporting and avoid potential costly litigation.

For business development companies (BDCs), private equity firms, structured finance real estate funds, fund-of-funds and other registered investment advisors we provide quarterly, annual or one-off portfolio valuations.

For BDCs we value:

  • First-lien secured debt
  • Second-lien secured debt
  • Unsecured credit
  • Preferred and common equity
  • Structured products

Because industry knowledge and experience are of key importance to our private equity clients, it’s our practice to work closely with our industry specialists on those valuations.  

For funds structured around real estate products, our valuation group confers with professionals in our real estate practice on market transactions and provides valuations for the following:

  • Mezzanine loans securitized by multifamily homes
  • Preferred equity securitized by multifamily homes
  • Other loans securitized by construction projects or commercial property

Our teams employ well-defined, thoughtful valuation processes and practices. These include rigorous qualitative and quantitative measurements involving market analysis and fundamental credit analysis, along with the attention of senior people within our valuation practice.

We work with auditors every day

The RSM valuation professionals who serve you work with auditors every day. After all, RSM is a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. And with access to thousands of resources worldwide through our membership in RSM International, we can meet your needs wherever you do business. At RSM, we understand, first-hand, what auditors want and the type of granular, robust documentation that brings them comfort.

Financial instruments can be difficult to value, and there truly is a lot at stake. Get a new perspective by calling RSM.

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