Impairment Testing Services

Impairment analysis can be extremely complex and documentation problematic

Economic conditions can have a significant impact on valuations. As complex rules related to fair value reporting continue to attract regulatory scrutiny, dealing with the complexities of ASC 350 and impairment testing may require your business to draw upon our significant technical and industry experience.

Not only can problems arise due to the difficulty in determining the fair value of an enterprise subjected to impairment testing, but also in understanding, developing and supporting the market participant assumptions. These challenges are also present when testing indefinite-lived intangible assets such as trade names.

How can we help you?

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When you need assistance with impairment testing, and complying with the requirements of ASC 350, 350-20, 350-30 and ASC 360, the valuation professionals at RSM can help. We’ll accurately and cost-effectively help you with your qualitative or quantitative analysis, review third-party appraisals and work closely with you and your external auditor to produce a reasonable valuation for your impairment determination.

Why take the risk? Let RSM help you navigate the complexities of impairment testing.