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Five factors driving the hospitality sector


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The robust growth in the hospitality sector has sparked interest from investors, both domestic and international. “It’s attracting capital from sources who may have shied away from the asset class in the past,” says John McCourt, partner and real estate hospitality lead at RSM.  “Even [from] as far [away] as China where they’ve eased restrictions on outward investing. And from what we’re seeing from our own client base, there are several hospitality transactions happening at the moment.”

Featuring McCourt and dealmakers Mit Shah of Noble Investment Group and Cheryl Boyer of Fulcrum Hospitality LLC, this briefing examines the key takeaways from the Privcap video series, “Investing in Hospitality Real Estate.”

Highlighting key fundamentals to look out for, the trio talk about capital flow, long-term investment performance, disrupters to the industry, value creation and due diligence.  They also stress the consideration of rebranding and renovation before a deal is done.


Five factors driving the hospitality sector

In this video series, leading professionals discuss the five key factors driving today's hospitality sector and fundamentals to look for.

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