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How are so many companies thriving where others are holding steady or declining? 

In the 2014 RSM Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor survey, 36 percent of participating executives described their business as thriving. Certainly, executives generally are encouraged by sales growth over the past year, and they expect growth and hiring to continue. However, stricter regulations, high corporate tax rates, increasingly aggressive state tax agencies, and an inability to plan for what the federal government may deliver in the future have all contributed to a continued uncertainty and frustration among executives trying to plan for the future. 

This report takes a close look at how and why thriving companies are able to succeed despite these issues.  As the economy continues to gain momentum, it is encouraging to examine the reasons behind the success of thriving companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry.  Topics addressed in the 2014 Monitor report include:

  • Strategies for growth
  • Investment plans
  • Profit and sales
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Supply-chain management

The 2014 Monitor report should empower executives to make informed strategic and tactical decisions based on detailed analysis of the industry in domestic and international markets and the best practices of thriving companies.

A customized intelligence tool

Along with this report, Monitor participants receive a customized benchmark report that provides views of their responses to the questions posed, along with comparisons to the aggregate responses for their industry category and geographic location. The analysis in the Monitor report—along with the customized benchmark report—provides a comprehensive view of the business environment.


The 2014 RSM Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor was conducted using an online questionnaire promoted by RSM and various industry associations and organizations to principally U.S.-based manufacturing and distribution organizations. There were 1,147 total valid respondents to the 2014 Monitor survey (categorized as 775 manufacturers and 372 distributors), with completed questionnaires received between February and March 2014. Responses were received by The MPI Group, an independent research firm, and then entered into a database, edited, and cleansed where necessary to ensure answers were plausible.

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