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Workplace strategies and solutions for today’s federal space needs

What they are and why they matter


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The federal government is facing significant challenges as it looks for ways to address and comply with the Office of Management and Budget’s March 25, 2015 mandate to “reduce the footprint” in relation to federal office workspace. In an environment where mission requirements are changing as rapidly as workforce behaviors and the technologies that drive them, this challenge has federal agencies looking for the best way to balance a cultural tradition that views space as a badge of rank or a perquisite of one’s position with a logical and measured response to a tangible shift in the way their staff uses space. 

One of the most effective approaches being employed to address this workspace shift in both the public and private sectors is the development of a portfolio-wide workplace strategy and, through it, the implementation of project-specific workplace solutions. 

What makes up these strategies and solutions and why do they matter? The answers may surprise you.

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Mary Goldsmith
Business Development Director

James M. Reidy
Senior Managing Director
Savills Studley Inc.