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Drive smoother lease activities and ease daily operational requirements with superior accounting administration built by accounting technology pioneers.

Proven technology tools to support ongoing lease accounting requirements

With the advent of ASC 842, and IFRS 16 standards, companies are facing a wider range of implications that require many hours spent documenting all operating leasing on the balance sheet. With occupancy costs representing one of the largest enterprise expenses for many organizations, the administration and accounting for hundreds—even thousands—of leases are critical to business and compliance success.

While some companies are attempting to evaluate proper software solutions, many are turning to the technical accounting and technology consultants at RSM for thoughtful analysis and implementation. 

For a scalable tool, Tango’s cloud-based lease management and accounting software eases daily operational requirements, maintains compliance, and manages lease activities. Tango’s team helped pioneer accounting software over 20 years ago and uses this industry knowledge to build powerful and intuitive software tools.

RSM can help implement Tango to provide ongoing lease accounting in a more controlled manner, assist in the day-to-day operations and help provide your auditor's information they will require through the audit process.

Learn how to evaluate ASC 842 technology solutions

Software platforms are rapidly changing to keep pace with requirements and selection and implementation are complex. This e-book assesses available ASC 842 technology selections and offers key details to help you make informed technology decisions.

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