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Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) entered 2021 as one of Wall Street’s hottest trends. As investors have seemingly rediscovered how these shell corporations enable a private company to go public on different course than a traditional initial public offering, $83.3 billion in gross proceeds were raised by 248 SPAC IPOs in 2020 —more money and more IPOs than the previous 10 years combined.

With that popularity, though, comes questions from all angles. Why, exactly, are SPACs so popular? What technical considerations should SPACs and target companies heed in the process? Where is this investment trend headed and how strong is its longevity?



Special Purpose Acquisition Company Investments

RSM assists companies through the SPAC merger process, including accounting, finance and compliance initiatives in the transition to an IPO.


Is a SPAC the right route for your organization?

SPACs have grown in popularity recently as a means of going public. Learn why high-growth companies are using this method.


SPAC mergers and going public: Hyliion's path to the NYSE

With the uptick of SPAC mergers, this Texas truck electrification business recently went public via a SPAC with the help of RSM.


Going public on an accelerated timeline with a conglomerate

How RSM conquered a time crunch in helping a large conglomerate prepare for an initial filing and life as a public company.


Board perspectives when considering a transaction with a SPAC

Once becoming a publicly owned company, the SPAC transaction journey must be undertaken with advanced planning.


SPACs and direct listings are reshaping the capital markets

The volume and dollar value of public listings went on a tear last year as private companies took advantage of a bullish stock market.


Technology, media and telecom industry outlook

The technology, media and telecom sectors are playing a crucial role in keeping people connected as the pandemic hobbles the global economy.


RSM tech connection: Special edition

Join RSM on Oct. 28 for Special purpose acquisition companies: A fireside chat with Steve Murray of Revolution Growth

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