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A few thoughts about the NCA Foundation from McGladrey's private clubs industry practice leader


Tammy Tassitano, CPA, a partner with McGladrey, has served on the board of directors of the National Club Association Foundation (NCAF) since 2010. NCAF, the National Club Association's charitable arm, funds critical trends studies and underwrites educational programs and research to ensure a successful future for the private club industry. Tassitano recently reflected on her involvement in the Foundation and the work that NCAF is doing.

Tassitano, who has led the private clubs industry practice for McGladrey for the last five years, feels strongly that NCA and its foundation are making positive contributions. “The essence of NCA lies in its protection of the private club industry,” says Tassitano. “As the advocate for clubs, NCA is the only organization that actively lobbies the U.S. Congress with a specific focus on the needs of the private club industry.”

Tassitano has devoted nearly her entire career to serving private clubs by providing audit and consulting services. “I worked on my first audit of a private club only a few months into my start in public accounting and decided to specialize in this area soon after,” she says.

As much as she praises the efforts of NCA in regards to their mission to defend, protect and advance the interests and well-being of private clubs, why Tassitano chose to become involved with the NCA Foundation is largely explained by its specific focus on research and education. “The NCA Foundation funds critical research and education for the club industry that helps to make private clubs and their leaders we work with more effective,” notes Tassitano. “The Foundation is a great way for all of us to give back to the industry that provides our livelihood. Without successful clubs, we would not have jobs.”

Since its inception in 2003, the NCA Foundation has raised more than $600,000. Over the years, the NCA Foundation donor list has grown steadily and now consists of more than 300 private clubs, board members, club leaders, allied associations, vendors and other influential players in the club community. McGladrey recently co-sponsored NCAF’s “50 for 50” campaign which raised more than $100,000 in donations.

Some of the types of projects funded by NCAF have included ongoing trends research and publication of the annual Trends & Issues: A Private Club Perspective; books addressing key club issues such as governance and a legal guide; support for the annual National Club Conference; a new webinar series; a joint study on club technology trends; and, educational content and resources for the NCA website.

“The efforts of the NCA Foundation are efforts that everyone in this industry should appreciate,” comments Tassitano. “While some look at us at McGladrey as vendors, this fact is lost on us,” she jokes. “We certainly recognize that we do not work directly within clubs but we’re a part of this industry. For the most part, the professionals at McGladrey who work with clubs work exclusively with clubs. We feel the same commitment as those who work within the organizations. After all, we too owe our livelihoods to this industry.”

Tassitano shared that the board directors of the NCA Foundation are currently outlining several new efforts and that they intend to challenge themselves with aggressive fundraising goals. “What we’ve accomplished thus far is significant,” says Tassitano. “What we hope to accomplish in the future will raise the bar for years to come.”

To learn more about the NCA Foundation or to make a contribution, visit www.ncafoundation.org.