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Digital transformation and the customer: A framework for boards


Achieving digital ROI—perceptions from America’s boardrooms

How has the pandemic affected companies’ business model and digital transformation road maps? What objectives are boards trying to address with digital technologies? What are the main barriers to operationalizing digital transformation? What are the perceived risks associated with digital transformation? These are a few questions Corporate Board Member and RSM asked in our recent survey of public company directors.

In this recorded session you will hear Bill Kracunas, principal at RSM, and Melanie C. Nolen, director of research at Corporate Board Member, discuss key takeaways from the study and action items boards should take in 2021.


Transforming the customer experience

In a world of constant change, the way customers interact with companies is evolving dramatically—and those customer changes are what’s driving digital transformation. As the line between real-world and digital realms all but disappears, do you have a real understanding of how people interact with your brand online and on their mobile devices? How can you improve—and scale—the omnichannel experience to seamlessly serve your customers regardless of how they are interacting with your company, in person or online? We’ll help you rethink the customer experience, regardless of what industry you are in, and develop the digital transformation strategy to match.

In this recorded panel session you will hear from Bill Kracunas, principal at RSM; Sarah Hofstetter, president of Profitero and board member with Campbell Soup Company and Scott Leiter, board member with Conduent, Xerox and Grow52.

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