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August 2018

TD Ameritrade Network, How Bearish Investors Interpret U.S. Economic Data, 08/18/2018

Globe Gazette, Names & News in North Iowa business for Aug. 19, 08/18/2018

Cheddar, Trump Plans to Settle Trade Dispute with China by November, 08/17/2018

PitchBook, How middle-market firms are tackling cybersecurity, 08/17/2018

Entrepreneuer, Best in Service: The 105 Top Suppliers for Franchises in 2018, Tracy Stapp Herold, 08/17/2018

CNN Money, Macy's momentum may be starting to slow, Paul R. La Monica, 08/15/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Is Federal Digital Sales Tax Legislation on Its Last Legs?, Ryan Prete, 08/15/2018, Today’s ‘Young Millennials’ Are a New Breed, Kelsi Maree Borland, 08/15/2018

Benzinga, Tango Partners with RSM to Provide Best in Class Lease Accounting Offering, Kelsi Maree Borland, 08/15/2018

PitchBook, How tariffs will impact dealmaking in B2B, 08/15/2018

Industry Today, Are You Holding Too Much Risk?, Ken Stasiak, 08/13/2018

The Orange County Register, Status Update: 3 new childcare centers coming to Orange County, Los Angeles schools, 08/13/2018

The Washington Post, U.S. economy to grow at 3.1 percent in 2018, CBO says, Jeff Stein, 08/13/2018

Crain's Cleveland Business, Shifts in consumer behavior prompt retailers to adapt, Douglas J. Guth, 08/11/2018

Privcap, Protecting Your Firm’s IT and Infrastructure, David Snow, 08/10/2018

Accounting Today, People on the move, Danielle Lee, 08/10/2018

Accounting Today, Firms on the move, Danielle Lee, 08/10/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Partnership Reps Can Use Power of Attorney During Audits: IRS, Allyson Versprille, 08/10/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Lobbyists, Hedge Funds, Veterinarians Lose Out on Major Tax Break, Lydia O’Neal, 08/09/2018

Telegraph Herald, Cybersecurity impacts on middle market companies, Autumn Hurley, 08/09/2018

San Antonio Business Journal, EDITOR'S NOTES: Examining the costs of paid sick leave besides wages, Tony Quesada, 08/08/2018

KHOU, RSM helps rebuild Robinson Elementary, 08/08/2018

Axios, Rethinking stagflation,Steve LeVine, 08/08/2018

Minnesota Business, 5 tips to automate, Mary Beth Jameson, 08/08/2018

Modern Healthcare, Uncompensated-care audits coming in fall, Tara Bannow, 08/04/2018

Forbes, Here's How Much This Trade War Might Cost Us, Kenneth Rapoza, 08/03/2018

The Wall Street Journal, U.S. Economy Added 157,000 Jobs in July, 08/03/2018

Bloomberg Tax, Intel Subsidiary Altera Cost-Sharing Case Probably Won’t End Here, Sony Kassam and Carolina Vargas, 08/03/2018

The Daily Morning News, Trump's steel tariffs are costing Permian Basin pipeline companies millions, but the building rush continues, Jeff Moser, 08/03/2018

The Rivard Report, With Petition Signatures Validated, Paid Sick Leave Moves Closer to Ballot, Roseanna Garcia, 08/02/2018

Benzinga, Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged: 'Labor Market Has Continued To Strengthen', Elizabeth Balboa, 08/01/2018

July 2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Frequently Asked Questions on Country-by-Country Reporting, Crystal Golob Lindholm, Enrique Rayon, and Ramon Camacho, RSM US LLP is an IMA Member, 07/31/2018

Footwear News, Why Footwear Businesses Need to Better Understand Their Customers, Lauren Olsen, 07/30/2018

Privcap, Key Risk: RE Investors Who Have Known No Pain, David Snow, 07/30/2018

Accounting Today – The 2018 Wealth Magnets, 07/30/2018

CNBC Nightly Business Report – Nightly Business Report – July 27, 2018 (appearance: 2:17 – 5:34), 07/27/2018 – Why Trump's goal of 3 percent economic growth actually is achievable and sustainable, Jeff Cox, 07/27/2018

Benzinga – GDP Notches Strongest Growth Since 2014, Elizabeth Balboa, 07/27/2018

Yahoo!Finance – This week in Trumponomics: The economy booms, Rick Newman, 07/27/2018 – Best U.S. Growth in Almost 4 Years Leaves the Fed Facing Trade Uncertainty, 07/27/2018

The New York Times – Economy Hits a High Note, and Trump Takes a Bow, Ben Casselman, 07/27/2018

AZ Big Media – Accounting challenges and opportunities every business leader should know, Michael Gossie, 07/27/2018

The New York Times – Why Friday’s G.D.P. Number May Be a Size Too Big, Ben Casselman, 07/26/2018

Industry Week – Middle-Market Companies Underestimate Cybersecurity Risks, Ken Stasiak, 07/26/2018

Payment Week – Privacy Changes Ahead, Ken Stasiak, 07/26/2018

POLITICO – Morning Money, Ben White, 07/25/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Tariff Alert: The Impact on Middle Market Consumer Products Business, Carol Lapidus, RSM US LLP is an IMA Member, 07/24/2018

Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, Accounting Firms Snap Up Tech Companies to Keep Clients In-House, 07/23/2018

Bloomberg BNA, A Business Person's Guide to the New Partnership Audit Rules, Don Susswein, 07/23/2018

Privcap, How to Merge Two Cultures, David Snow, 07/20/2018

Accounting Today, People on the Move: Illinois (slide 5), 07/20/2018

Wake Tech News, New Board Members Bring Experience to the Wake Tech Foundation, 07/19/2018

U.S. Government Accountability Office, GAO Updates "Yellow Book," the Preeminent Standards for Government Auditing, 07/17/2018

Financial Advisor Magazine, Why This Is A Stealth Bull Market, Jeffrey Saut, 07/16/2018

CIO Dive, When it comes to privacy, California is out front. Will the rest of the country follow?, Samantha Ann Schwartz, 07/16/2018

Axios, 1 big thing: America's wage crisis, Steve LeVine, 07/15/2018

POLITICO Pro, What to look for in Treasury's coming pass-through deduction regulations, Brian Faler, 07/13/2018

QC Online, Davis Love III: New hip, same ol' great guy, John Marx, 07/13/2018

Middle Market Growth, RSM's Jennifer Wiskus on Tax Reform Considerations for PE Firms, 07/12/2018

The Washington Post, Inflation hits 6-year high, wiping out wage gains for the average American, Heather Long, 07/12/2018: 

Bloomberg BNA, Foreign Sellers Likely Safe From State Online Tax Frenzy Post-Wayfair, Ryan prete,  07/12/2018

Bloomberg BNA, U.S. High Court Nominee Mostly Untested on State Tax Issues, Ryan Prete, 07/10/2018

Marketplace, Small business is on a roll, Mitchell Hartman, 07/10/2018

Corridor Business Journal, Best Accounting Firm and IT Support Company: RSM US LLP, 07/10/2018

Modern Healthcare, Why for-profit insurers are scoping out Minnesota, Shelby Livingston, 07/06/2018

Reuters, U.S. job growth seen strong in June, wages picking up, Lucia Mutikani, 07/06/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Many State Online Sales Tax Laws Leave Door Open for Retroactivity, Ryan Prete, 07/03/2018

Dayton Daily News, Accounting firm to open new downtown Dayton office, Thomas Gnau, 07/03/2018

Twin Cities Business, From Pops to Pipes: The Sate of Manufacturing in Minnesota, Kate Lerette, 07/02/2018

The University of Scranton - RoyalNews, RSM Summer Leadership Program, A Reflection, 07/02/2018, Consultants in demand as Supreme Court rules on online sales tax, 07/02/2018

June 2018

Privcap, Deal with IT Immediately, David Snow, 06/29/2018

Kansas City Business Journal, KC accountant: Don't wait to adjust to internet sales tax ruling, James Dornbrook, 06/29/2018

South Florida Business Journal, 2018 Business of Pride, 06/28/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, U.S. Supreme Court Kills Quill Physical Presence, Brian Kirkell and Mo Bell-Jacobs, RSM US LLP is an IMA Member, 06/28/2018

Accounting Today, Firms & people on the move (slide 5), 06/22/2018

USA Today, Shoppers may have to pay billions of dollars more a year in sales taxes when buying online, Charisse Jones, 06/21/2018

Reuters, Favorable U.S. tax ruling gives limited boost to big-box retailers, Nadita Bose, 06/21/2018

Governing, The Week In Public Finance: Supreme Court Clears Way for States to Tax Online Sales, Liz Farmer, 06/21/2018

Accounting Today, In Wayfair, SCOTUS leaves work for state courts, Roger Russell, 06/21/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Online Sales Tax Rule Dead, But Afterlife Murky (2), Ryan Prete, 06/21/2018

Houston Chronicle, Supreme Court’s sales tax ruling upends online shopping, Paul Takahashi, 06/21/2018:

Albany CEO, Middle Market Experiences Strong Economic Growth, Outlook Robust for Second Half of Year, 06/21/2018

ABC 6 News, Rochester Businesses get ahead on 2018 Federal Taxes, Charisse Jones, 06/19/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, One Step Closer to a Global Trade War, Joe Brusuelas, RSM US LLP is an IMA Member, 06/19/2018

Compliance Week, CAM discussions may drive new corporate disclosures, Tammy Whitehouse, 06/18/2018

Middle Market Growth, Analyzing the Depth of Cyberthreats for Middle-Market Companies, Daimon Geopfert, 06/18/2018

Benzinga, AICPA Announces Scholarship Winner for Personal Financial Planning, Elizabeth Balboa, 06/13/2018

CPA Practice Advisor, AICPA Announces Scholarship Winner for Personal Financial Planning, 06/12/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Are High Court Tax Precedents Set in Stone After 25 Years?, Ryan Prete, 06/12/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Illinois Enacts FY19 Budget with Economic Sales Tax Nexus Provisions, Tom Blaze, Bob Kolosky, Andrienne Albritton, and Eric Manus, RSM US LLP is an IMA B2B Partner, 06/11/2018

Herald & Review, On the move: A look at promotions, new job titles in the Decatur region, 06/13/2018

Privcap, Strengthen Your Back Office, Lower Your Risk, 06/11/2018

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Blog, RSM’s Ramon Camacho and Ayana Martinez on U.S. TCJA Implications, Robert Sledz, 06/08/2018

Boston Business Journal, 5 trends driving the transformation of finance, Michele Juliana – Principal, RSM US LLP, 06/08/2018

Lexology, Highlighting itemized deduction limitations for private BDC investors, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP In collaboration with RSM, 06/06/2018

Digital Journal, AICPA Recognizes Top CPA Exam Performers in 2017 with Elijah Watt Sells Award, 06/03/2018

The Times, Scottish scene: Enough commissions, reports and strategies — let’s see some real action, Colin Donald, 06/03/2018

Consulting Magazine, The 2018 Rising Stars of the Profession, 06/01/2018

Accounting Today, NABA heralds 2018 award winners, 06/01/2018

Becker's Hospital Review, RSM names Jeff Johannesen Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, 06/01/2018

Project Uptime Blog, 3 Keys to Project Risk Management, 06/01/2018

Accounting Today, RSM sponsors national movie premiere benefiting foster care, Sean McCabe, 06/01/2018

May 2018

TechTarget, Digital acceleration comes to those who don't reinvent the wheel, Nicole Laskowski, 05/31/2018

TechTarget, Modern risk management must factor in the risk of not innovating, Nicole Laskowski, 05/31/2018

Credit Union Journal, How credit unions can better navigate changes in accounting standards, Michael Bartlett, 05/30/2018

Business Record, RSM sponsors national movie premiere benefiting foster care, 05/29/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, 5 Trends Driving the Transformation of Finance, Michele Juliana, 05/29/2018

University of Mississippi's Ole Miss Blog, Former Drum Major Still Helping Lead the Band, J. Dillon Pitts, 05/27/2018

Bloomberg Tax, Investor Response Mixed as Companies Adopt New Revenue Standard, Amanda Iacone, 05/25/2018

Mergers & Acquisitions, M&A daily wrap: AIC, Mass PRIT, Ohio SERS, URS, BluWave, TA Associates, RSM, Demitri Diakantonis and Mary Kathleen Flynn, 05/25/2018

Accounting Today, People on the move (slide 6), 05/25/2018

Accounting Today, People on the move (slide 3), 05/25/2018

PitchBook, Inside PE's record-breaking push into healthcare, Alex Lykken, 05/25/2018

Inside Indiana Business, RSM Adds Andreozzi as Tax Partner, 05/24/2018

Governing, Will Seattle's Controversial Tax on Big Businesses Stunt Its Economy?, Liz Farmer, 05/23/2018

Birmingham Post, Liam Fox to Speak at Birmingham Conference, Tamlyn Jones, 05/23/2018

Pitchbook, Healthcare add-ons at 78% of all buyouts; ins & outs of talent in tech, 05/22/2018

Washington Executive, Hillen’s Newest Book ‘What Happens Now’ Draws Praise, Rachel Kirkland, 05/21/2018, RSM corners NetSuite market with Explore Consulting acquisition, 05/17/2018

PitchBook, B2B sees continued slump; consumer sector sees unrealistic valuations, 05/18/2018

Privcap, Software, Life Sciences Face Sweeping Accounting Changes, 05/17/2018

Women of the Channel, CRN 2018 Women of the Channel Details, 05/17/2018

The Harris Poll, New RSM Survey Finds Middle Market Businesses Are Advancing Cybersecurity Protections But Might Be Underestimating Risk, 05/17/2018

Mergers & Acquisitions, From fund administrators to VDRs, dozens of firms help M&A pros compete, Danielle Fugazy, 05/17/2018

Danvers Patch, Northeast Arc Thanks 'An Evening of Changing Lives' Supporters, David Thomson, 05/15/2018

Detroit Business, Chicago-based Audit, Tax, and Consulting Firm RSM US LLP Opens Detroit Office, Grace Turner, 05/15/2018

Business Record, RSM US Foundation donates $157,100 to Tippie accounting program, 05/17/2018

Middle Market Growth, To Stay on Trend, Retailers Are Changing the Way They Market, Carol Lapidus and John Nicolopoulos, 05/14/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Court Affirms Exclusion of Assumed Liabilities in Acquired Assets’ Basis, Parr Thomson, 05/14/2018

South Bend Tribune, Forty Under 40 Garrett Cannizzo, 05/12/2018

Privcap, Powerhouses in PE: Steve Klinsky of New Mountain Capital, 05/11/2018

Global Banking & Finance Review, Trade Friction: A Primer on the United States and China, 05/10/2018

Accounting Today, RSM donates over $157K to the University of Iowa, Sean McCabe, 05/10/2018

Monitor Daily, LeaseAccelerator, RSM Partner on Middle Market Lease Accounting Solution, 05/10/2018

Bloomberg Tax, Payroll Providers Say Clients Fear Losing Deduction Under Tax Law (1), Laura Davison and Robert Lee, 05/10/2018

The Enterprisers Project, Digital transformation: 5 tips to take it to the next level, Carla Rudder, 05/07/2018

Channele2e, Oracle NetSuite Partner Acquisition: RSM Buys Explore Consulting, Ty Trumbull, 05/07/2018

Boston Business Journal, 4 ways your company can prepare for changes in 2018, Christopher J. MacKenzie – Boston Managing Partner, RSM US LLP, 05/07/2018

The Wall Street Journal, WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Taxes, Mooch, Wine, Sharon Nunn, 05/07/2018

The New York Times, Warren Buffett Really Likes Apple’s Shares: DealBook Briefing, Andrew Ross Sorkin, 05/04/2018

USA Today, First time since 2000: The pros and cons of US unemployment rate falling under 4%, Paul Davidson, 05/04/2018

USA Today, Jobs: Unemployment rate falls to 3.9%, employers add 164,000 jobs in April, Paul Davidson, 05/04/2018

The Washington Post, Unemployment rate falls to 3.9 percent as U.S. economy adds 164,000 jobs, Danielle Paquette, 05/04/2018

Middle Market Growth, A Qualified Opinion: Richard Edelheit, 05/02/2018

Houston Business Journal, Founders of longtime Houston accounting firm retire, Jen Para, 05/02/2018

Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, Business Tax Briefs: Pass-Through Advice; Banks Give Raises, Alison Bennett, 05/01/2018

April 2018

Los Angeles Business Journal, Most Influential Minority CPAs: MOHAMED SOBHY, 05/01/2018

Los Angeles Business Journal, Most Influential Minority CPAs: KIMBERLY HUSAIN PALACIOS, 04/30/2018

Privcap, Powerhouses in PE: Howard Morgan of Argand Partners, 04/30/2018

PitchBook, Why new revenue recognition rules matter for PE, Stacy Dow, partner, technical accounting consulting, RSM US LLP, 04/27/2018

Bisnow, To Solve The Affordable Housing Crisis, Cities Will Need More Than Federal Tax Credits, 04/26/2018

Housing Online, Joel Baxley Appointed as New Rural Housing Service Administrator, 04/25/2018

Twin Cities Business, What the New Tax Order Really Means, Nancy Crotti 04/25/2018

Boston Business Journal, Prepare your company for blockchain business beyond bitcoin, Joe Brusuelas, 04/23/2018

Accounting Today, RSM acquires Explore Consulting, adding e-commerce and retail expertise, Ranica Arrowsmith, 04/20/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Tax Reform Friday: States Uncertain on Conformity, According to Bloomberg BNA’s 2018 Survey of State Tax Departments, Chreasea Dickerson, 04/20/2018

Consulting magazine, RSM Acquires Seattle-based Explore Consulting, Joe Kornik, 04/19/2018

AgWeek, Secretary Perdue announces new senior leaders at USDA, 04/19/2018

The Bend Bulletin, St. Charles pulls back on pay cuts as finances improve, Markian Hawryluk, 04/19/2018

Forbes, First Circuit Says IRS Cannot Use Smell Test To Squash Plan To Funnel Millions Into Roth IRA, Peter J Reilly, 04/18/2018

Compliance Week, Filing problems? SEC invites companies to ask for help, Tammy Whitehouse, 04/17/2018

Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, IRS Issues Blended Tax Rate Guidance for Fiscal Year Companies (1), Allyson Versprille and Laura Davison, 04/17/2018:

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Pending Regulations to Address Withholding Tax on Foreign Partners, Josh Johnson, 04/17/2018.

CPA Practice Advisor, Apps We Love: 21st Century Adulting, Gail Perry, 04/17/2018

Dayton Daily News, Still need to file your taxes? Today’s your last chance, Kaitlin Schroeder, 04/17/2018

Privcap, Key Issues for Real Estate Investors Under New Tax Legislation, 04/16/2018

Accounting Today, ‘Tax case of the millennium’ hits high court, Ryan Prete, 04/13/08

Privcap, Dealmaker Roundup: Q1 2018 Review, 04/13/08

Mergers & Acquisitions, Middle market index at all-time high, 04/10/2018

Mergers & Acquisitions, Video Middle market remains bullish, 04/10/2018

Citybizlist, RSM Ranks No. 5 on Accounting Today Top 100 Firms List, 04/10/2018

Modern Healthcare, Rent or own? Change to accounting standard could encourage more buying, Tara Bannow, 04/07/18

Marketplace, Moderate job growth in March: aberration, or sign of the future?, Mitchell Hartman, 04/06/18

Task and Purpose, How A Leading Services Firm Is Supporting Its Veterans, And Wants To Hire More, 04/06/18

The Wall Street Journal, U.S. Job Growth Slowed in March; Unemployment Rate Held at 4.1%, Eric Morath, 04/06/18

The Wall Street Journal, March Jobs Report: Everything You Need to Know – “ Reactions: Payback for Previous Strength and Weather Disruptions, Ben Eisen, 04/06/18

San Francisco Business Times, How to keep on target during M&A post-close, Alpa Kamdar  – Director, Management Consulting, RSM US LLP, 04/05/18

Houston Public Media, Houston’s Energy Industry Concerned About Looming Trade War With China, Florian Martin, 04/05/18

Philadelphia Business Journal, Sponsored content RSM US LLP: Hackers continue attacks on vulnerable middle-market companies, Deborah Cohen – RSM US LLP, 04/04/18

CNNMoney, US-China trade war fears: How bad could this get?, Patrick Gillespie, 04/04/18

BNN, China's tariff retaliation against U.S. hitting Trump's base hardest: Economist, 04/03/2018

The Tax Adviser, Sec. 199 deduction for qualified film and the IRS compliance campaign approach, Tom Windram, CPA, Washington, and Ryan K. Carnes, J.D., LL.M., Denver, Editor: Mo Bell-Jacobs, J.D., 04/01/2018

The Tax Adviser, Converting from S corp. to C corp.: Select issues for consideration, T. Christopher D'Avico, J.D., LL.M., New York City; Lauren Pope Stalls, CPA, Greensboro, N.C.; and Ed Decker, CPA, Washington, Editor: Mo Bell-Jacobs, J.D., 04/01/2018

The Tax Adviser, Upstream, downstream: Upstream C reorganizations with a drop, Stefan Gottschalk, CPA, J.D., LL.M., Washington Editor: Mo Bell-Jacobs, J.D., 04/01/2018

Accounting Today, RSM partners with Plug and Play, Ranica Arrowsmith, 04/02/2018

Healthcare Financial Management Association, Building an ERM Framework for Value-Focused Health Care, Paul Tuten, 04/01/2018

The Tax Advisor, IRS assesses employer shared-responsibility payments under the Affordable Care Act, Jill Harris, CPA, Washington, and Michael Westendorf, CPA, Dayton, Ohio, Editor: Mo Bell-Jacobs, J.D., 04/01/2018

The Tax Advisor, Economic substance doctrine applied to conservation easements, Kathryn Proper, CPA, Cleveland; Trina Pinneau, J.D., LL.M, Washington; and John Deininger, J.D., LL.M., Los Angeles, Editor: Mo Bell-Jacobs, J.D., 04/01/2018

The Tax Advisor, Exiting the U.S. tax system, Rolando Garcia, CPA, J.D., and Angela Qian, CPA, Houston, Editor: Mo Bell-Jacobs, J.D., 04/01/2018

March 2018

Privcap, Expert Q&A: The Revenue Recognition Standard – Why it Matters, 03/30/2018

CIO Dive, RSM Announces Partnership with Global Tech/Innovation Platform Plug and Play, 03/28/2018

Finance Digest, The ‘Stunning’ North American Energy Network, Ron Baden, 03/26/2018

Privcap, The ‘Stunning’ North American Energy Network, 03/26/2018

Boston Business Journal, America's got talent, but not enough IT talent, Bill Kracunas, RSM US LLP, 03/26/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Manufacturing and Capital Investment Strategies: Tax Considerations, Chris Atwell, Jeff Knapp, Sherri York, and Tom Windram, 03/26/2018

The Guardian, Paper tigers? US and China in dispute over tariffs but trade war looks remote, Edward Helmore, 03/25/2018

Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, Congress's Partnership Audit Fixes Do What IRS Couldn't, Laura Davison, 03/23/2018

Middle Market Growth, Joseph Brusuelas of RSM on Trade, Tariffs and China, 03/23/2018

U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Above the Fold, Tax Reform Boosts Middle Market Business Confidence to an All-Time High, Sean Hackbarth, 03/23/2018

Crunchbase, Innovation Or Destruction? AI Is Likely The Harbinger Of Both, Mary Ann Azevedo, 03/23/2018

Advisory Board, New bad debt accounting standards likely to remake community benefit reporting, Tara Bannow, 03/23/2018

Bloomberg BNA, Diversifying Tax Workforce Could Start With Hiring Practices, Carolina Vargas, 03/22/2018

The Washington Post, In a U.S.-China trade war, Trump voters likely get hurt the most, Heather Long and Andrew Van Dam, 03/22/2018

MarketWatch, 5 things to know about Europe’s new data rules — which could cost big, bad tech billions, Victor Reklaitis, 03/22/2018

Restaurant Finance Monitor, Quick Hits From The Food On Demand Conference, Nicholas Upton, 03/22/2018

Inc., Middle Market Companies Are Doing Great...So Why Aren't They Investing?, Gene Marks, 03/21/2018

The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Shot: 21-Mar-18, Lev Borodovsky, 03/21/2018

Carolina Coast Online, Tax return deadline approaches, changes in store for 2018, Elise Clouser, 03/21/2018

INSIDE Public Accounting, RSM’s Kastenschmidt Assumes New Consulting Roles; Brackett to Lead Risk Advisory Services, 03/20/2018

Modern Healthcare, New bad debt accounting standards likely to remake community benefit reporting, Tara Bannow, 03/17/2018

Middle Market Growth, The Middle Market Reading List (page 12), 03/01/2018

Middle Market Growth, A Qualified Opinion (page 20), 03/01/2018

Privcap, The Impact of U.S. Withdrawal from NAFTA, 03/16/2018

Privcap, New Revenue Recognition Rules: Why they Matter for PE, 03/16/2018

Growing Produce, Crunching Numbers Part of Equation for GenNext Growers, Frank Giles, 03/16/2018

Bloomberg Tax, Tesla: $520M Reduction in Deficit Due to Accounting Rule, Amanda Iacone, 03/16/2018

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Table of Experts: Tax Reform, 03/16/2018

Middle Market Growth, Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup, Ben Marsico, 03/16/2018

The St. Augustine Record, Accounting group supports education through Birdies Fore Love, 03/13/2018

Privcap, Powerhouses in PE: Howard Newman’s ‘Serendipitous’ Success, 03/12/2018

Boston Business Journal, 5 ways to protect your organization against cyberattacks, by RSM US LLP, 03/12/2018

The New York Times, Will Goldman’s Blankfein Depart by the End of the Year?: Dealbook Briefing, 03/09/2018

The Washington Post, The economy added 313,000 jobs in February, beating expectations, Danielle Paquette, 03/09/2018

Axios, Hiring surge: U.S. economy adds 313,000 jobs in February, Alayna Treene, Steve LeVine, 03/09/2018

Benzinga, Jobs Report Blows Expectations Out Of The Water, Wayne Duggan, 03/09/2018

Consulting Magazine, The 2018 Rising Stars of the Profession, 03/09/2018

The Edmond Sun, Edmond CPAs honored as 2018 Trailblazers, 03/09/2018

Cincinnati Business Courier, Federal Tax Reform: Ken Schoster Q&A, 03/08/2018

The New York Times, A Trade Skirmish is Underway. That Doesn’t Mean a Trade War is Near., Neil Irwin, 03/08/2018

MarketWatch, Why a full-blown Trump trade war won’t happen, Jeffry Bartash, 03/07/20183/07/2018:

Cincinnati Business Courier, 5 key technology trends for 2018, By Bill Kracunas and Drew Faries – Principal and Director, RSM, 03/07/2018

Marketplace, Trump’s trade wars tweet theory, Mitchell Hartman, 03/02/2018

Telegraph Herald, Dubuque Security Summit focuses on trends in cybercrime, Jeff Montgomery, 03/02/2018

Footwear News, Artificial Intelligence, Tax Reform, Digitization Take Center Stage at AAFA Summit, Lauren Olsen, 03/02/2018

U.S. News and World Report, World Bracing for Risk of Trump's Trade War, Josh Boak, 03/02/2018

CNBC's Nightly Business Report, Nightly Business Report – March 1, 2018, 03/01/2018

Benzinga, Height Securities: Concrete Proposal Unlikely To Emerge From Trump's Tariff Meeting With Steel, Aluminum Execs, Elizabeth Balboa, 03/01/2018

The Ohio Society of CPAs, RSM and SecureState see enhanced opportunity to serve Cleveland businesses, Molly Ryan Kowaleski, 03/01/2018

Chicago Tribune, Porter County eyes $900K information technology upgrade, Amy Lavalley, 03/01/2018

Orange County Business Journal, New Boss at Accounting Firm RSM Itching to Grow, Peter J. Brennan, 03/01/2018

February 2018

Forbes, Forfeited Deposit Income Ordinary Not Capital Gain, Paul J Reilly, 02/27/2018

Marketplace, RSM Canada provides tax and middle market insight on 2018 Federal Budget, 02/27/2018

Boston Business Journal, 5 things to know about technology trends for 2018, Bill Kracunas – Principal, RSM, 02/26/2018

The Hill, Businesses look to maximize tax breaks under GOP plan, NAOMI JAGODA, 02/25/2018

CNN Money, Treasury secretary says we can get paid more and prices won't rise. Well..., Patrick Gillespie, 02/23/2018

New England Cable News, DC Dialogue: Tax Law Impact, 02/22/2018, Wealth Transfer Planning After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Charles Rattner, 02/22/2018

Compliance Week, New rules accelerate recognition of unredeemed gift cards, Tammy Whitehouse, 02/21/2018

CNBC, Market awaits first Fed report after Yellen's hand-off to Powell, Jeff Cox, 02/20/2018

The Washington Post, GOP senator suggests we need fewer immigrants because robots are coming, Heather Long, 02/20/2018

Illinois Manufacturers' Association, New Carried Interest Rules May be Affected by Recent Court Decision, by Don Susswein and Rob Alinsky, RSM US LLP is an IMA member, 02/20/2018

Privcap, Michigan Will be Hit Hardest by a NAFTA Withdrawal, 02/20/2018

Tampa Bay Business Journal, How federal tax reform impacts the states, Brian Kirkell – Principal - Washington National Tax, RSM, US LLP, 02/19/2018

Los Angeles Business Journal, Most Influential Women in Accounting: KAREN JONG Custom Content by the Los Angeles Business Journal, 02/19/2018

The Pantagraph, Progressive Insurance CEO headlines ISU Business Week, 02/19/2018

Privcap, The Impact of U.S. Withdrawal from NAFTA, 02/16/2018

Accounting Today, People on the Move: BerganKDV selects new CEO, Danielle Lee, 02/16/2018, Accountancies BDO and RSM acquire consulting firms in the US, 02/15/2018

Cincinnati Business Journal, Cincinnati accountants share advice for tax reform concerns, Hannah McCartney, 02/13/2018, Proposed Bill Could Impact Income Taxes, 02/11/2018

Newsweek, What is a stock market correction? Here's what you need to know, Ryan Sit, 02/10/18

CNBC, You don't go from inflation being too low to it being a big problem..., 02/09/18

Yahoo Finance Market Movers, Stocks continue to waver, Trump signs budget to keep gov't open, 02/09/18

Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Finance Answers: When did the stock market last act like this?

Yahoo Finance, Government debt is exploding. Here’s the danger, Rick Newman, 02/09/18

Dayton Business Journal, Focus on Federal Tax Reform Profile: Todd Pleiman, 02/09/18

Dayton Business Journal, Focus on Federal Tax Reform: Q&A with Justin Stallard, 02/09/18

Forbes, Five VIX Fund Questions That Need To Be Answered, Simon Constable, 02/09/18.

Los Angeles Business Journal, CUSTOM CONTENT: RSM Manufacturing Monitor Survey Results, DARCY WILSON-JONES, RSM US LLP (Sponsored), 02/08/2018

The Wall Street Journal, U.S. Stocks Dive as Investors Brace for More Volatility, Akane Otani and  Jon Sindreu, 02/08/18.

Orlando Business Journal, Inside The List: How the top Central Florida accounting firms relax after 'Tax Day', Denise Hicks, 02/07/2018

Atlanta Business Journal, NAFTA negotiations hold dramatic implications for middle market, Joe Brusuelas Chief Economist, RSM US LLP, 02/06/2018 

Privap, Dealmaker Roundup: 2018 Preview, David Snow, 02/06/2018 [Video]

Illinois Manufacturing Association, New Proposed Partnership Audit Regulations Released by IRS, Don Susswein and Kyle Brown, 02/06/2018

Normandy at War Tours, Follow up on Harvey Pearson, 12/05/2017

The Wall Street Journal, Strong Jobs Report Brings a New Problem: Labor Scarcity, Ben Eiser, 02/02/2018: Joseph Brusuelas

The New York Times, Treasury Rout Hammers Stocks: DealBook Briefing: Wage growth picks up,   02/02/2018

The New York Times, Job and Wage Gains Deliver a Promising Start for the Year, Ben Casselman, 02/02/2018

CNN Money, America gets a raise: Wage growth fastest since 2009, Patrick Gillespie, 02/02/2018

Washington Post, Two areas where Trump’s economy is better than Obama’s, Heather Long, 02/02/2018

Dayton Business Journal, The List: Largest Dayton-Area Accounting Firms, Jane Applegate, 02/02/2018

Off-Price Retailing Magazine (page 61), 2018 Off-Price Retail Predictions, 02/01/2018

January 2018

Accounting Today, RSM US to acquire SecureState, Michael Cohn, 01/31/2018

Crain’s Cleveland Business, RSM to expand consulting in information security with acquisition of Cleveland's SecureState, Jeremy Nobile, 01/31/2018

CNBC, Fed leaves rates unchanged but gives more aggressive inflation expectations, Jeff Cox, 01/31/2018 “Every case is different,” Bookkeeper to serve 36 months in federal prison for wire fraud, Lili Zheng, 01/31/2018

PitchBook, The impact of tax reform on private equity funds and portfolio companies, Nick Gruidl, Jerry Musi, and Michael Nader: Partners, Tax, RSM US LLP, 01/30/2018

Accounting Today, RSM gifts $90K to staff for 3rd annual 'Pursue Your Passion' program, 01/29/2018

Boston Business Journal, Top 5 trends for food and beverage industry businesses in 2018 (Video), John Nicolopoulos, Retail Practice Leader, RSM US LLP, 01/29/2018

Marketplace, Some economic strengths revealed in U.S. quarterly GDP figure, Mitchell Hartman, 01/26/2018

Quad City Times, Children at Boys and Girls Club each receive Kindle Fire, Thomas Geyer, 01/24/2018, What the Heck Is Going on with Life Insurance?, Anna Sulkin, 01/23/2018

KSFY, South Dakota CPAs to answer tax questions Thursday, 01/23/2018

Bloomberg Tax, Five Areas Where New Tax Law Affects Accounting, Denise Lugo and Steven Marcy, 01/22/2018

Illinois Manufacturers Association, Manufacturing trends to watch in 2018, Steve Menaker, 01/22/2018

The Wall Street Journal, The Tax Break That Doctors and Plumbers Both Will Miss, Ruth Simon, 01/19/18

Middle Market Growth, A Qualified Opinion: John Nicolopoulos and Michael Schwartz of RSM US LLP, 01/17/18

Accounting Today, RSM surpasses $5B in global revenue, Michael Cohn, 01/16/18

Accountancy Age, RSM announces growth across every business line in 2017, Lucy Skoulding, 01/16/18

The Middle Market, Video Optimism to start the new year, 01/16/18

Bloomberg Daily Tax Report, When the Corporate Rate Kicks In for Fiscal Year Companies: A Primer, Laura Davison and Lydia O'Neal, 01/16/18

Retail Dive,  Tiffany polishes up outlook on holiday sales rise, Daphne Howland, 01/15/18

Boston Business Journal, Are labor shortages curbing economic growth in the U.S.?, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 01/15/18

American Banker, Fears mount about Meltdown, Spectre threats to cloud computing, Penny Crossman, 01/12/18

Middle Market Growth, Walmart Hikes Wages as Labor Market Tightens, Kathryn Mulligan, 01/11/18:

CPA Practice Advisor, Economic Sales and Use Tax Nexus Laws: What are They? Where are They? And What’s Next?, Brian Kirkell and Mo Bell-Jacobs, 01/11/18

The Middle Market, Middle market index posts new high, 01/10/18

The Wall Street Journal, Goldman Sachs to Invest in Bankrupt Real Industry Inc., Becky Yerak, 01/09/2018

CBS Chicago, Networking Event Tailored To CHA College Students, Bob Roberts, 01/09/2017

CNBC, Economists think workers are finally going to start seeing bigger paychecks, Jeff Cox, 01/05/2018

New York Times, Kicking Off the New Year With a Bang: DealBook Briefing. Andrew Ross Sorkin, 01/05/2018 

Marketplace, U.S. employers add 148,000 jobs, unemployment rate stays at 4.1 percent, 01/05/2018

MorningStar, U.S. Employers Slowed Pace of Hiring in December – Update, Eric Morath, 01/05/2018

Telegraph Herald, A reflection on 40 years, Ken Miller of RSM US LLP, 01/04/2018

Illinois Manufacturers Association, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the Act): Corporate Tax Considerations, Nick Gruidl, Stefan Gottschalk and Erika Jerwick of RSM US LLP, 01/02/2018

Illinois Manufacturers Association, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the Act): Corporate Tax Considerations, Nick Gruidl, Stefan Gottschalk and Erika Jerwick of RSM US LLP, 01/02/2018

Accounting Today, Leasing: The next frontier, Daniel Hood, 01/02/2018

Boston Business Journal, 2018 outlook: Economy showing signs of acceleration, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 01/02/2018

Middle Market Growth, Joseph Brusuelas of RSM on Tax Reform, Trade and What He’s Reading, 01/02/2018

U.S. News & World Report, GOP Tax Bill Rewards Real Estate, Oil While Hurting Hospitals, Andrew Soergel, 01/01/2018

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