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Opportunities in the global market for the energy industry in Oklahoma


Despite current uncertainty regarding international trade agreements, U.S. energy companies see significant investment opportunities across the border in Mexico. As a lead tax partner based in RSM’s Oklahoma City office who serves a number of energy clients, David Greenwell works with companies on both sides of the border to help them form mutually beneficial business relationships. In a conversation with Ted Streuli, editor of The Journal Record, and Sarah Terry-Cobo, energy reporter, Greenwell discusses these opportunities.

Energy is a global industry, so it is critical to understand the international issues that can have an impact on business back home. Kevin Prien, managing partner for RSM’s central region, and Greenwell discuss the importance staying informed on energy trends, the repatriation of U.S. assets and the status of infrastructure improvements. 

RSM has become the trusted business advisor to its clients, a role developed over time through shared experiences and a common vision. “They become people who call you with questions,” says Jim Denny, RSM’s Oklahoma City office managing partner. “You become a familiar face. You become someone whom the clients learn how to trust.  And then they begin to ask for your opinion.” 

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