15 ways to improve your cybersecurity without spending a dime

Jun 02, 2019
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With cybersecurity threats growing and costs related to cybercrime increasing, middle market companies must implement proactive strategies to address risks. However, while many cybersecurity protections do have associated costs, companies can implement many effective controls or adjust existing strategies with minimal, if any, additional investment.

The largest cybersecurity threats to the middle market include ransomware, social engineering, business email compromise and data loss from advanced persistent threats. To illustrate the expanding cybersecurity challenge to midsized companies, the 2019 RSM Middle Market Business Index Cybersecurity Special Report finds that 15 percent of surveyed middle market C-suite executives said their companies experienced a data breach in the last year, up from 13 percent in 2018 and 5 percent just four years ago.

Middle market companies now understand the cybersecurity threat, but don’t always know how to respond. Fortunately, organizations can take many steps to address vulnerabilities today that do not cost a dime, including:

  • Disabling several Microsoft Windows and internet settings
  • Changing credential levels
  • Adjusting administrator rights
  • Protecting storage options
  • Verifying backup integrity
  • Aggressively patching systems
  • Educating users

While cybersecurity can certainly feel intimidating, making big strides to improve your security posture can happen quickly and without any cost. Implementing some or all of the 15 strategies found in this e-book in conjunction with other proven defense initiatives can go a long way to safeguard the integrity of your systems and sensitive data.

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