Powerhouses in private equity: Marc Leder and Rodger Krouse

Jul 02, 2019

Insights from the co-founders of Sun Capital Partners

Marc Leder and Rodger Krouse, Sun Capital Partners' co-founders, sit down with Don Lipari, RSM's national private equity leader, for an up-close and personal conversation.

Marc Leder discusses why he left Lehman Brothers to co-found Boca Raton-based Sun Capital Partners, how the firm’s first strategy was a bust, how the firm has refocused its turnaround investment strategy, and many other topics.

Co-founder Rodger Krouse, explains how the firm’s original strategy was generated from being shown so many “castaway” investment opportunities. He also shares the firm's culture and “secret sauce” , his personal background with the Chinese language, and Sun Capital's operations in China.

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