Environmental, social and governance matters for private equity

The important role responsible investing plays

May 01, 2019
ESG advisory Private equity

The institutional investment market is demanding greater transparency into the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of their managers, including private equity managers. And yet, many general partners (GPs) have yet to launch formal ESG programs due to misperceptions and fear of the unknown.

Anthony DeCandido, RSM US partner, and Paula Bosco, founder of Activus Risk Management, discuss some concrete steps for private equity firms to get started with ESG along with data collection and why some types of data makes GPs uncomfortable. To learn more on the topic of ESG, watch a recorded webcast by our U.S. colleagues on why ESG is important and how private equity firms can create value beyond the bottom line.

How to add ESG to a PE program

ESG data gathering challenges

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