Technology is a game changer in tackling the restaurant labor shortage

Aug 18, 2021
Digital transformation Restaurant

Using technology can help restaurants do the heavy lifting

The restaurant industry is facing a myriad of challenges. Businesses are dealing with a tight labor market, rising wages, and recruiting and retention issues. To help combat the labor shortage and the lack of people available to work, restaurants are turning to technology to help ease the burden, streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

Automation and robotics are making a big impact in today’s kitchens and even front of house. However, one operator warns that taking technology too far could “take the soul of the brand” away from the business. As these industry insiders will tell you, restaurants have to find a balance that meets needs and enhances brand experience.

Companies are looking to new ways to solve their people problem through employee incentives, employee satisfaction surveys and viewing labor as an investment not just a cost.

In the videos below, John Nicolopoulos, RSM’s national retail and restaurant leader, speaks with various prominent restaurant operators to understand the challenges they are facing, and which solutions are actually working.


Putting employees first helps restaurants build a strong brand and retain great talent. 

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