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Libor transition: Key considerations after year-end


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How will you execute contracts after Jan. 1, 2022? How will an alternative rate affect you?

Join RSM for a panel webcast discussing these key questions for the new year after Libor ends.

While existing contracts with Libor terms will expire after 2023, any new contracts after 2021 will be affected. As part of this transition, market participants must navigate new alternative reference rates, which are designed differently and will have varying implications. From contract design and execution, to operations and performance reporting, to investment performance and investor considerations, organizations must consider how the new rate will affect new contracts in 2022.

Watch the recorded webcast to hear from our industry panel on what financial services companies should be thinking about now to prepare for the future.

Our panel

Bill Andreoni, Senior Director, RSM US LLP - Moderator

Ritesh Bansal, Senior Director, RSM US LLP

Stacia Kopplin, Chief Risk Officer, NXT Capital

Michael Koegler, Managing Principal, Market Alpha Advisors


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Chief financial officers and other executives from the financial services industry

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