RSM’s WorkHub—cloud-based IT service management powered by ServiceNow

Specifically customized and configured to support middle market needs

Many middle market companies have fragmented legacy software systems and manage a wide variety of services using multiple tools. Consequently, they’re often overwhelmed by their IT operations and don’t have any visibility into work requests and the status of projects. RSM has a solution.

Since ServiceNow isn’t always a fit for middle market companies with limited budgets, RSM has developed a best-practice solution called WorkHub, powered by ServiceNow. The solution is specifically customized and configured to support greater efficiency and insight in the middle market.

RSM WorkHub leverages RSM’s ServiceNow instance to create an enterprise-grade, cloud-based solution available to the middle market at an affordable price point. WorkHub consolidates fragmented legacy IT service management and strategic portfolio management applications into a single, centralized solution so you can quickly understand your IT workload and streamline project management processes.

The value of RSM WorkHub:

  • Streamlines and automates all aspects of IT operations and management
  • Offers full visibility into work requests and the status of projects
  • Modernizes legacy systems and disparate processes
  • Allows for anytime/anywhere access and full disaster recovery

No matter where an employee is in your organization—whether at the C-level or in project management, project initiation or support—they can benefit from using this tool.

Why RSM WorkHub:

RSM owns, manages and supports WorkHub, and this off-the-shelf solution enables your company to:

  • Better manage IT services and assets, support employees, and effectively balance hybrid work
  • Realize faster time to value (four to six weeks versus three to five months)
  • Access and use RSM’s instance of ServiceNow before your company decides to buy ServiceNow
  • Easily scale your IT department as your company grows

Even if your company doesn’t own ServiceNow, RSM WorkHub can enable you to leverage its power for an affordable price.

RSM is an elite-status ServiceNow partner with a team of highly experienced certified ServiceNow consultants who bring a dedicated, client-centric focus to every engagement. RSM’s advisors have helped hundreds of companies with ServiceNow and will thoroughly examine your IT service management capabilities and make careful recommendations based on your business objectives.

Everything you need to know about RSM WorkHub

Powered by ServiceNow, RSM WorkHub enables middle market companies to manage their IT operations and projects from a single location. Learn from some of our most asked questions and see why it could be the right solution for your team.

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