Joe Young, Navy, 2007-2011

Tax Senior Associate, Charlotte, North Carolina

Why I chose to serve

I was a typical high school student who went straight into college, with every intention of graduating and getting a job after school. However, after a couple of years of switching majors and transferring schools, I had reached a stalemate with my education and personal growth, and my parents and I decided it was time for a change. The Navy provided me with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills, meet new people and see different places around the world. It also provided me with benefits that would help me further my education down the road.

How my service has affected my life

The Navy taught me many great lessons, but the first two that come to mind are perspective and discipline. When faced with a challenge in life, I try to remember the big picture and how my role is just a small piece of the overall plan. I try to always be patient, and know that hard times and difficulties will not last forever. The discipline I learned in the Navy helps me to stay focused and work hard to achieve my goals.

My military hero

I have many military heroes, but the most important to me are my family members. Both of my grandfathers served in World War II, one Army and one Navy. My father served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, and my uncle also served in the Navy during the 1970s. All of these men have had tremendous influence on my life and taught me the true value of serving your country.