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2018 Power Your Education Scholarship Program Winners


Congratulations to our 2018 Power Your Education scholarship program recipients. Through this scholarship, each winner received $10,000 for the 2018/2019 academic year from the RSM US Foundation.

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Michael Fisch
Accountancy major at Arizona State University 
Watch Michael's video submission

“I'm a returning student who completed a degree in film in 2011 and worked for four years in Hollywood.”

  Hannah Forgo
  Finance major at Miami University of Ohio
  Watch Hannah's video submission 

“I have a passion for inspiring others to fulfill their potential, which is why I invest my time as a summer camp counselor and as a coxswain for the Miami U Rowing Team.”

  Aaron LaCourse
  Business Management and Business Sustainability major
  at Arizona State University 
  Watch Aaron’s video submission

“I love spontaneous experiences. I have found that they tend to lead to self-discovery and interactions with people or places that have impacted my life.”

  Savannah Mabry
  Accounting major at University of Georgia
  Watch Savannah's video submission

“My generation grew up with SpongeBob, flip phones, and N*SYNC. However, being adopted and raised by my grandparents led to a childhood filled with Gene Autry, 80's technology and the Shangri-Las.”

  Jaren Mendel
  Accounting major at University of Georgia
  Watch Jaren’s video submission

“Uplifting others drives me. I connect with people's inextinguishable flame of goodness and focus my efforts to intensify their light, because from mutual empowerment arises the greatest good.”

  Aekta Mouli
  International Business, Management Information Systems,
  and Marketing major at University of Minnesota
  Watch Aekta’s video submission

“As a 1st generation Indian American, my perspective makes me unique. This is due to the ‘sweet spot’ between cultures that I live in. It's taught me to adapt, be open minded, and live empathetically.”

  Amy Nguyen
  Accounting major at Georgia State University 
  Watch Amy's submission video 

“I love to travel and what makes me unique is my love for adventure. I am very spontaneous and will do something on a whim or a moment’s notice. I believe that's what life and happiness is about.”

  Serra Vu
  Accounting major at University of Houston 
  Watch Serra's video submission

“I love to bullet journal! It helps me organize daily tasks and events, while allowing me to release my creative side as well. This hobby fits me as I am creative and analytical at the same time.”

  Bobby Ye
  Business Economics major at University of California, Irvine 
  Watch Bobby's video submission

“I've had the opportunity to grow up in two different cultures. Being fluent in three languages, I am able to utilize my skills to bridge the cultural gap in my community.”

  Lucy Zhao 
  Accounting major at the University of Washington
  Watch Lucy's video submission 

“I love hearing people's stories and experiences. Each person has many treasures within themselves, and I go out to discover them.”

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