United States

Paying tribute to Old Glory


It’s National Flag Day here in the U.S. – a day honoring one of our nation’s most well-known and loved patriotic symbols, affectionately referred to as “Old Glory” by many. But how did the American flag get the nickname? This special report from the Smithsonian, while a bit lengthy, provides a great history lesson on how June 14 was chosen to commemorate the date in 1777, when the U.S. approved the design for its first national flag. 

Today, many Americans recognize National Flag Day by displaying the American flag at their homes and businesses, and a number of groups sponsor related parades, picnics and other ceremonies. As the national leader of RSM’s VALOR (Veterans and Allies Leading Outreach) employee network group, I invite you to join our group and the rest of our nearly 13,000 people across the U.S. as we celebrate this important symbol of American history.

Adrian Romero
National VALOR Employee Network Group Leader




VALOR focuses on recruitment, community service, leadership development and business development of our military service members.