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Happy Mother's Day


Family. It’s what matters most. And moms hold a special place in most families. That’s why we pause to honor them each May with Mother’s Day celebrations.

One of my favorite things about MY mom was her fun-loving spirit, and her incredible ability to stay connected with family and friends – through visits, phone calls and cards. Although I was an only child, I always felt a part of a much larger ecosystem of incredibly supportive, genuine and hard-working friends and family members, and my mom was truly the glue that held us all together. This year marks the 15th year I will celebrate my mom in heaven, and as with all special occasions and anniversaries since her passing, I will be honoring her by lighting candles and eating chocolates – two things she loved just about as much as she loved her family and friends!

At RSM, our Family First employee network group connects employees who have family commitments with one another to provide support and to address issues in the workplace that affect families. Some of our members are mothers. Some are mothers-to-be. Some are mothers-in-law. And some of us simply have moms and/or know people who are. Regardless, this employee-led group serves as an active voice around shared family challenges (including those faced by moms, and those who love their moms), and promotes an inclusive, respectful workplace.

This year, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’ll be holding a Family First photo contest among our people: Multi-tasking Mothers! And our people in our offices across the country will be celebrating the mothers in our lives in their own special ways.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Mother’s Day in honor of your mom!

Katie Schuhow
Senior Manager, Financial Services and National Leader, Family First Employee Network Group

Family First

Family First

Family First serves as an active voice around shared family challenges and promoting an inclusive, respectful workplace.