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Congratulations to the Winners of our Multitasking Moms Photo Contest!


The Family First employee network group is proud to announce the 2019 Multitasking Moms Photo Contest winners!

Winners were selected by Family First’s leaders based on the below criteria and narrowed down based on the number of “likes” received:

  • Depict what family means to you, however you define family—children, spouse, parents, siblings, relatives or pets;
  • Show how you “do it all” through multitasking;
  • Express how you define success at home and at work;
  • Show how RSM's benefits allow you to achieve success both at home and at work; and
  • Show how you serve as an inspiration to others.

Our five contest winners will each receive a $100 donation to the charity of their choice that aligns with the RSM US Foundation. We’re grateful to everyone who shared their photos, families and lives with us through this photo contest and for being part of our community.

Please join us in congratulating our five winning Multitasking Moms:

Melissa Blumberg 

Talent acquisition manager
San Diego, California

“Plenty of workplace flexibility including being a remote worker and dedicated pumping spaces when I visit any of our offices has allowed me to breastfeed my second boy for thirteen plus months! He is one happy and healthy baby (I guess toddler now) who was able to celebrate his first birthday with all of his extended family in North Carolina, courtesy of a great PTO policy!”


Kelly Croft

Project manager
Toronto, Ontario

“Being a mom is the toughest job and the most rewarding! It can sometimes be a little overwhelming with everything going on with your kids, plus your work life. I am grateful to RSM for allowing me flexibly when it's needed. Two weeks ago I was able to attend my daughter’s class trip to high park (she said it was her best day ever) and today I am working from home so I can make the school play for 4:30. Thanks to RSM for helping me be the best mom I can, while having a career I love.”

Janel Holth 

Talent management director
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“As a mom of two girls (7 and 3), we've officially entered the season of life filled with school events, extra-curricular activities, countless birthday parties and the like. The majority of these activities fall on my shoulders due to my husband not having as much flexibility as a physician who works a combination of days, nights and every-other weekend. In the last five weeks alone (my team's busy season), I've needed flexibility for "Muffins with Mom" at daycare, school music and theater performances, dance pictures and track and field day....not to mention dance recital dress rehearsal and end-of-school year events right around the corner! I wouldn't be able to make this life work if it weren’t for RSM's mobile technology resources and culture of flexibility. I'm able to remain plugged in (and responsive!) to my internal clients and team members when my leading ladies need to take center stage.”

Lisa Marie Moore

Audit manager
Metro Park, New Jersey

“As a first time mom and mom to almost 9-month old triplets, life is BUSY! I’m thankful to have colleagues who supported and encouraged my flex schedule. Flexibility allows me to still have my career as an auditor and be present for my kids and all the milestones they had and will experience in the future! I’m still learning how to balance it all, but flexibility at RSM definitely helps make it possible!”


Nicole Pieper

Communications associate
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“From hosting my wedding shower and discovering I was pregnant at work, to hosting my baby shower and my boss flying in to meet my girl at 2-weeks old, RSM has been with me every step of the way as I’ve grown my family over the years. RSM’s flexible work options make being a first-time mom easier for me by allowing me to work from home and go on maternity leave, where I completed my first year of graduate school while caring for a newborn. RSM treats me like family, so that I can take care of mine.”

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