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Celebrating Irish-American Heritage Month


March is Irish-American Heritage Month, which honors the achievements and contributions of Irish immigrants and their descendants living in the United States. The heritage month coincides with Saint Patrick’s Day, which is March 17.  

Saint Patrick’s Day is a Roman Catholic religious holiday that honors the saint who introduced Christianity to Ireland in the early fifth century.

Both Boston and New York City claim the world’s first Saint Patrick’s Day parade, while Philadelphia claims to be the second oldest. Regardless of where the first parade took place, Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved in the U.S. as a celebration of “all things Irish.”

Each year in March, the prime minister and head of government of Ireland visits the United States for Saint Patrick’s Day. A shamrock ceremony takes place in the morning at the White House where a crystal bowl containing shamrocks, a traditional symbol of Ireland, is presented to the president in the Oval office. This is followed by a Friends of Ireland luncheon hosted by the House Speaker, and attended by the President, Vice President and other officials.

At RSM, we celebrate our people every day, regardless of their heritage. But we enjoy giving a special “shout out” during the month of March to those of Irish heritage, and are celebrating at various offices across the country with “pop-up cultural breaks”.

“Luck of the Irish to you,” on behalf of our Multicultural employee network group and the rest of our 10,000 people nationwide!

Valerie Colimon
Senior manager, national multicultural employee network group leader