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Celebrating Mother Earth


It’s April 22, and that means it’s Earth Day. 

Here at RSM, we use this opportunity each year to focus on our core value of stewardship, which we define as leaving things – including the earth – better than we found them.

Like most other firms, at RSM, we have recycle bins in our offices, have eliminated or drastically reduced the use of styrofoam in our breakrooms, lease space in LEED-certified buildings, share taxis and other car services when possible and do many other things to help save the planet. Our 11,000+ people across the country and in Canada, for instance, take great pride in giving back to and supporting the 87 communities where we live and work – and we do that in many ways.

For example, through our annual Volunteer Week, we give our time, treasures and talents to many nonprofits that are focused on helping children and families in need. In fact, just last year nearly 3,700 RSM people and clients participated in more than 100 volunteer activities across the country to give back to their local communities.

We also closely monitor environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends, issues and initiatives that are important to the wide variety of industries we serve so that we can help our middle market clients implement sustainability efforts that are meaningful to them and impactful for the environment.

This year, celebrating Earth Day seems particularly poignant, given the current coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing, while it’s been a challenge and a change for us all, appears to have resulted in in clearer skies and sparkling bodies of water. Perhaps that’s the silver lining in these uncertain times: decreased car and boat emissions seem to be making our planet a bit brighter. Our hope is that even when things return to “normal,” we will all continue our focus on stewardship and on leaving things – including our planet – better than we found them.

Happy Earth Day!

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