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Spring 2021

  • Estate Planning Strategies in a Low-Interest-Rate Environment
  • Are Value Stocks Poised for a Comeback?
  • Financial Opportunities and Pitfalls at Various Stages of Life

Winter 2021

  • Sharing your money values can be part of your legacy
  • Incapacity and advance medical directives
  • Long-term care insurance vs. hybrid life insurance
  • 4 things to consider before refinancing your home


Fall 2020

  • Will vs. trust: Know the difference
  • ­4 questions on the Roth 5-year rule­
  • Could you be responsible for your parents’ nursing­ home bills?
  • ­Return of premium life insurance: Protection and cash back

Summer 2020

  • Portfolio performance: Choose your benchmarks wisely
  • Investor psychology: Behavioral biasis that can lead to costly mistakes
  • Turbulent times: Bear markets come and go
  • Telemedicine: The virtual doctor will see you now

Spring 2020

  • Socially responsible investing: Aligning your money with your values
  • Closing gaps in your insurance coverage
  • Is it time to review your individual retirement account estate planning strategies
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise?

Winter 2020

  • What to do after the death of a loved one
  • For college savings, 529 plans are hard to beat
  • How to land a better financial aid package
  • How can I teach my high school student the importance of financial literacy?


Fall 2019

  • Do millennials need life insurance?
  • Should you invest internationally?
  • 5 retirement lessions from today's retirees
  • What should I know about investing in collectibles?

Summer 2019

  • Is it time to declare your financial independence?
  • Charitable giving after tax reform
  • Financial advice for recent college graduates
  • What's the real return on your investments?

Spring 2019

  • Four reasons your aging parents might be in financial trouble
  • What are some tips for creating a home inventory?
  • Rules on opening a 529 plan account for college
  • Quiz: Social security survivor benefits

Winter 2019

  • Going public: An IPO's market debut may not live up to hype
  • Hybrid funds: Balanced, lifestyle or target?
  • What is the employment situtation report, and why is it important to investors?
  • Quiz: Financial facts that might surprise you