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Holiday season cheer


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As we move through Thanksgiving and into the December holiday season, we hope that everyone is able to spend time with their loved ones.

While sitting around the fire, many families will get into lively discussions on any number of topics, including the financial markets. As expectations for 2016 are being published now, we would remind investors that talking about the markets can be fun and interesting, though we wouldn’t recommend making portfolio changes simply based on these various and differing forecasts or any hot tips provided by your crazy uncle (yes, we all have one of those).

Interestingly, as we head into this holiday shopping season, consumers should have more disposable income with gasoline prices so low. However, one needs to ask how, or even if, consumers are spending this money as consumer confidence slipped a bit in November, indicating consumers may have concerns about the global economy and are saving for a rainy day.

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