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Maximizing after-tax returns through asset location


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Among the tax minimization strategies implemented by RSM US Wealth Management is asset location. Asset location refers to the type of account (taxable or tax-deferred) in which an investor should purchase and hold various types of investments, with the goal of maximizing after-tax returns. Top federal tax rates on investment returns include 43.4 percent on most investment income and a 23.8 percent rate applying to net long-term capital gains and qualified dividends, adding additional importance to asset location decisions.

An effective asset location strategy should take into consideration the individual needs of each investor, as there is no universal asset location solution that fits all circumstances. Strategies can vary, based on investor-specific factors, such as investment timeline, liquidity needs and tax situation. With this in mind, the information in this report is intended only to present a general framework for making asset location decisions.

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