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Opportunistic M&A in emerging markets: Upside potential in a downturn environment


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The future of the global economy is uncertain, as companies look for opportunities to invest and remain profitable. Financial difficulties have led to forecasts of modest GDP growth for years to come in many of the world’s developed economies. However, many emerging markets are poised for accelerated growth that outpaces more established countries, making them attractive investments for companies seeking merger and acquisition (M&A) targets.

While uncertainty is prevalent in both established and emerging markets, companies that are in a position to capitalize on the current environment can enjoy rewarding M&A opportunities. Companies that move quickly to uncover profitable targets in emerging markets can benefit from long-term growth and a competitive advantage when the global economy inevitably recovers. Find out how to prioritize M&A markets that best align with your value proposition as well as the importance of due diligence and proven integration techniques.


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Michael Grossman
National Practice Leader