Merger Integration and Optimization

Make sure your deal delivers its expected results.

Many mergers and acquisitions don't live up to their expected results. That's not really surprising given the many risks associated with M&A activity:

  • Combining processes, technologies and cultures is difficult
  • Integration demands objectivity
  • It's easy to underestimate your employees' challenges, especially employees that have to handle integration tasks along with their normal duties

Add value to the integration process

The best time to plan for integration is before the deal closes. Considering integration early in the deal-making process can help you minimize risks and unlock value. We collaborate with you to define clear and specific measurements for success.

You can access the expertise of our merger integration specialists in one of three ways, as:

  • Integration architect – your thought leader, using a rigorous methodology to help you deal with change management challenges
  • Project management office – helping you execute your merger integration plan and serving as the hub for integration activities, including project discipline, structure, communication plan and coordination
  • Specialized expertise – unlike some firms, we have the targeted, specialized expertise and resources you may need for specific integration functions – IT, back-office support, human resources and more

A lifecycle approach to integration and optimization

We'll work with you during one or all of these merger integration phases:

  • Early-stage synergy planning: We assess your opportunities for cost savings, how best to align processes and which strategies can drive revenue growth.
  • Pre-acquisition planning: At this stage, issues that could prevent you from functioning well as a combined entity are addressed. We define steps to correct those situations, adopt best practice processes and develop a tactical plan to take advantage of synergies.
  • Post-acquisition and optimization services: Weeks, months and years after closing a transaction, opportunities typically remain to drive further performance improvement. Using best practice methods, we help you dig into the details of how to optimize your organizational structure, business processes and systems to support further growth opportunities and sustainable cost efficiencies.

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