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A strong reporting, analytics and information delivery platform


Implementing an effective business intelligence (BI) solution has become a key to organizational success, providing greater insight, and sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities. In the first of a three-part series about designing a thorough BI solution, we recently analyzed the critical first step, developing a solid data foundation. In this issue, we focus on implementing a comprehensive reporting, analytics and information delivery process to enable proactive decision-making.

A strong reporting, analytics and information delivery strategy can be truly transformational for an organization. However, you must consider several criteria to determine the best approach for your business, including the type, format, timing and type of content. In addition, determining which capabilities to leverage can also seem like a daunting task, but separating requirements into distinct categories can bring more clarity into your optimal components.  

The right reporting, analytics and information delivery approach can provide several key benefits to your organization, including targeted delivery of data and reporting, increased productivity and even improved employee satisfaction. Unfortunately, the lack of a well-designed platform can have significant adverse effects, such as information overload, poor business decisions and distrust in organizational data.

Several technology solutions can support your BI initiatives, providing portals and dashboards, intranet integration, enhanced analytics and mobile functionality. Most tools provide capabilities that span multiple areas, and options must be examined while considering your objectives, as well as the total cost of ownership.

Providing the appropriate mix of capabilities can greatly enhance the overall success of your BI environment. To learn more about developing and implementing a strategy that aligns your organization's needs and goals, read our white paper, The importance of the right reporting, analytics and information delivery.