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Medical group experiences an information technology extreme makeover


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Providing exceptional health care service with seamless technology was the driving force behind Quincy Medical Group’s (QMG) decision to research alternatives to their current information technology hardware and software. The health care facility, headquartered in Quincy, Ill., employs over 600 people.

In order to achieve a seamless environment, QMG needed to assess their current network environment, develop a strategic plan and execute the plan. “The organization’s network was in complete disarray with services failing on a weekly basis,” said Tim Calahan, RSM IT consulting director. “Loss of communication was experienced throughout the day.”

Another challenge QMG faced was the software used for materials management and accounting. “The solution was not the right size or fit,” said John Walter, RSM IT consulting manager. “The existing software was too complex for what they needed — plus the ongoing expenses were very high, and it was difficult to train users to operate it.”

QMG Chief Information Officer, Les Clemmer, was aware of the challenges they faced and began looking for a company that could work with them to achieve their goals.

“I was looking at the overall picture and knew we needed to choose a firm that could provide both networking and software services,” he said.

QMG had confidence in RSM’s technology consulting capabilities as the firm already benefits from RSM accounting and tax services. “I didn’t want to work with a variety of companies during this extreme makeover. I knew RSM could provide all the services we needed,” Clemmer said.

Information technology infrastructure
Work began immediately when QMG’s server unexpectedly failed late on a Thursday evening. After some investigation, a hardware problem was identified, and a new server was ordered. In order to keep the facility’s network operational until the new equipment arrived, QMG’s network was brought back to life on hardware lent to them by RSM. The RSM team was on site three days later to transfer the environment off the borrowed hardware onto QMG’s new equipment. The transfer was seamless to the end-user environment.

Once the server was secure, QMG moved forward with the rest of their networking plan. The technology plan included several phases, including the following:

  • Replaced core switching, which stabilized the network and made for better communication throughout the facility
  • Virtualized 25 physical servers onto a three blade VMware server farm
  • Installed a storage area network (SAN)
  • Installed a wireless local area network (WLAN) throughout to provide mobile communication for the electronic medical records (EMR) system
  • Retooled aged workstations
  • Changed the network operating system and upgraded the email system

Business solutions
RSM’s networking team completed its infrastructure overhaul and allowed QMG to begin the makeover of their business system for accounting and materials management. The first step was to perform an assessment to determine QMG’s software needs. This was followed by several software demos, which allowed the health care facility to see the features of four different products.

Upon choosing Microsoft Dynamics® GP for the financial system and Sage HRMS for the payroll and human resources solution, the team began installation and implementation immediately. Consultants were on site to configure the software, train the QMG employees and provide implementation assistance during the project. Ongoing support was provided after the software solution was initially implemented.

They said it
“The entire project, completed over a two-year period, was well worth it. We’ve enjoyed the expertise and commitment of the professionals at RSM. Our new system is a great solution for Quincy Medical Group.”

- Les Clemmer, Chief Information Officer, Quincy Medical Group