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Real-time shipping integration

In today’s ecommerce shopping experience, customers expect to receive clear, immediate communication regarding the status of their purchase and resulting shipment. To make it simpler for customers, shipping confirmation emails often include a direct link to the shipper’s website with the tracking number pre-selected. From the confirmation email, the customer is one click away from tracking their shipment’s status. When a real-time shipping integration (such as FedEx or UPS) is leveraged in NetSuite, we can accomplish this functionality by including a dynamic URL link in our shipping confirmation email.

1. This screen demonstrates how the custom content of the email is assembled in NetSuite – note the tracking numbers portion, which also includes the “trackingnumbers” variable to pull in the actual tracking number associated with the shipment.

2. This screenshot demonstrates how you can make a dynamic URL link that includes the tracking number in it. Here is a full URL sample for FedEx:

3. This screenshot demonstrates what the final product looks like, with the actual tracking number generated in the email with a hyperlink straight to the shipper’s website.

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