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Adding dimensions to fair value pricing

The ability to define a Fair Value Price List is a great feature within NetSuiteā€™s Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) module, which allows you to assign fair values to items and item revenue categories.  You create a new Fair Value Price by going to:
Setup > Accounting > Revenue > Fair Value Price Lists > New

As this record stands, you can only assign one Fair Value Price per item, unless you add dimensions to the record.  Then, you will be able to assign multiple Fair Value Prices to an item.  You can add Fair Value Dimensions by going to:
Setup > Accounting > Fair Value Dimensions in the Revenue group: Administrators
Revenue > Setup > Fair Value Dimensions: Revenue Managers

The Fair Value Dimensions you select will now appear at the bottom of the Fair Value Price record.

Now you can assign as many Fair Value Prices to an item as the unique combination of your Fair Value Dimensions allow.  For example, if you have 10 Classes and 5 Subsidiaries, you can assign as many as 50 Fair Value Prices to a single item.

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