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Three essential IT outsourcing methods every business should know

Choosing the right solution to maximize your productivity


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To address increasing information technology (IT) needs, a growing number of organizations are implementing outsourcing strategies with varying scopes and benefits. However, finding the right platform that aligns with your strategic plan can be difficult, amid an expanding amount of options and providers. Outsourcing done right is a cost-effective solution to maximize your IT investments, but you must review opportunities carefully to accomplish your desired efficiency goals.  

The three main outsourcing methods organizations often implement include:

IT outsourcing: Instead of keeping your technology functions in-house, IT outsourcing involves farming some or all of your IT functions out to a third party provider. IT outsourcing can be designed to fit the technology needs of any organization, transitioning functions to a company with IT as its core competency. |
Managed services: Managed services is the most definable form of outsourcing, with specific, detailed costs and expectations, as well as inherent flexibility. This strategy is very attractive as it provides scalability and defined expectations at a consistent month-to-month expense.

Staff augmentation:
Staff augmentation provides the ultimate level of flexibility, filling a specific skill set in times of need such as extended staff absences or increased seasonal demand. Many companies also utilize this strategy after experiencing difficulty finding specialized talent or lacking the resources for full-time internal staff.

In addition, smaller and less committed outsourcing arrangements are often developed to provide access to talent and experienced staff for areas such as network support. Read our white paper to learn more about outsourcing options that can make your organization more efficient and effective. This document also includes client case studies that provide real world applications and insights into each major outsourcing strategy.


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