Intentional Growth and Sales Enablement

Organizations can grow simply to add revenue to the bottom line, or growth can be intentional.

Firms that achieve intentional growth experience the journey of growing in a purposeful and powerful way. It’s a journey that’s enjoyable, sustainable, profitable, and it distinguishes them in the marketplace. Intentional growth is perhaps the greatest challenge facing organizations today.

The RSM Growth team enables professional services firms, law firms and others in achieving intentional growth by:

  • Generating enthusiasm
  • Building skill sets
  • Inspiring confidence
  • Promoting teamwork

Clear goal in mind

Intentional growth is about having a very clear goal in mind aimed at hitting growth-oriented targets over a certain timeframe and walking a purposeful, deliberate path that adapts to challenges while keeping the organization on course.

The road to intentional growth includes:

Developing Growth Champions®

With huge numbers of leaders at client firms and professionals in your own ranks retiring, organizations need to ask: Where is future growth going to come from? Who are we developing to champion the charge?

Our team has years of knowledge and experience in developing programs that identify and equip growth champions for success. Programs that seek transformational change. Growth champion training is designed to seamlessly integrate with ongoing coaching, tangible support and user-friendly tools so changes will be long-lasting and individual and firm goals can be achieved.

Mobilizing growth teams

If you’re like most firms, a very high percentage of your revenue comes from a relatively small number of your clients. Often, these clients offer the greatest opportunity for growth.

Retaining and expanding top-tier client relationships is a key driver for revenue growth for professional services firms in today’s competitive environment. To expand and deepen key client relationships, we use an effective, team-based approach. Teams are equipped with the tools and knowledge to implement industry-leading practices that help you grow revenues and ensure long-term loyalty with key client relationships.

The growth teams program can help you:

  • Defend against and overcome competitive threats
  • Gain essential business development skills and tools
  • Facilitate effective knowledge-sharing for long-term growth

Fostering growth culture

Historically, professional services firms viewed growth as something that just happened as a result of good client service. Today, firm leaders recognize that an intentional, growth-oriented culture is central and core to their success.

We work with you to instill a solid, overall belief system that empowers your people to live out core tenets with your clients:

  • Working together in teams
  • Building advisory relationships
  • Bringing relevant perspective
  • Shaping collaborative experiences
  • Finding ways to deliver more value

Intentional growth is achievable. Contact RSM to learn more.

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Clients RSM’s Growth team has worked with include:

  • Hunton & Williams
  • Frost Brown Todd
  • Haynes and Boone
  • K&L Gates
  • Miller & Martin
  • King & Spalding
  • Gray Reed & McGraw
  • Latham & Watkins
  • Dinsmore & Shohl