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Going beyond software: Business optimization versus software


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Many companies utilize processes and procedures that simply don’t meet industry best practices or add value to the business. One-size-fits-all software solutions meet general industry needs, at best, and do not address specific industry challenges. However, highly relevant software solutions meet your unique needs and require less time troubleshooting configuration and implementation issues, allowing for more time to improve your business.

However, there is a significant difference between software optimization and business optimization. Many business processes are shaped around older technology that was state of the art when those processes were first documented. Today, software functionality has advanced significantly, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can help organizations achieve a wide variety of industry-specific goals.

In this article, we discuss several common events that may spur the need for a new or upgraded ERP system and how to approach them from a business optimization and software optimization perspective. These include:

  • Organizational growth
  • International expansion
  • Limited operational transparency and visibility
  • Disparate, obsolete systems

When businesses build operational procedures around existing software limitations, they pay the price with inefficiency. The right software solution should be closely evaluated against business goals and process requirements first, before considering features and functionality—not the other way around.

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