Custom Training Content Development 

Our team can develop any type of documentation for you. Or we can provide training, and guidance for your team to develop these. We can also provide reviewing and editing services if you choose to develop your own quick reference guides.

Quick Reference Guides
These are typically one to two page documents that are developed for all major processes in your organization. They are meant to be a reminder of the steps required to complete a task. Each job role/function in your organization should have at least one quick reference guide developed. This documentation type is critical for visual learners (those who learn by reading or seeing).

User Guides 
These are the documents that contain the core information about how your organization uses the system. These guides may also include your standard operation procedures or reference them. The documents are used to train your employees how to use the system and should include a variety of scenarios that are specific to your business.

This is a self-paced type of content that typically includes audio, video, Microsoft Office® PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and hands-on practices. In some cases, reference materials may also be included with eLearning. We can customize any of our course offerings to use your data, or develop new courses specific for your organization. We also offer consulting services related to eLearning development tools. These services can guide you on which CMS or LMS solutions are best for you and how to use them. Because eLearning offers a variety of outputs including audio, video, and text, this content format is useful for all learning types.

This type of content is used to create short to medium length demonstrations or lectures about specific topics. These videos can be the result of a recorded webinar or developed for a specific topic or need. This type of content is often accompanied by a PPT document. This type of content is critical for auditory learners (those who learn by hearing).

In order to make your documentation easy to consume and develop, using a proven system, template, and standards for all documentation types is critical. Our training package provides a variety of templates as well as guidance on how to use each template. We can also work with you to create custom templates that meet your organizations requirements.

If you put all the time in the world into creating your documentation and content, but your documentation and content is not easily accessible your efforts are a waste. The solution can be as simple as a SharePoint site, or as complex as a custom CMS/LMS solution. RSM Technology Academy can provided a hosted solution for your organization to host your documentation and content on our RSM Technology Academy Portal. Alternatively, we can work with you to design and select a solution that will help users find content when they need it. It is imperative that you create an easy to use and access repository for your organization. 

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