NetSuite for Consumer Products

Major shifts in consumer preferences, government regulations and the changing retail landscape are creating new and emerging opportunities, but also many technology challenges for consumer products executives across multiple industry sectors. NetSuite cloud ERP makes digital transformation a reality, enabling companies to support increasing customer demands, to bring products to market more efficiently, to react to industry trends and unify their operations into a single unified platform.

With hundreds of NetSuite clients in the consumer products space, RSM has a proven track record of teaming up with companies to deliver digital and omnichannel solutions that meet the unique challenges within their market. This includes extensive knowledge in a variety of retail sectors from fashion and beauty to food and beverage.

NetSuite benefits: A unified platform for consumer products

True multitenant cloud platform:  Your data is safely managed, and you will never have to worry about system uptime or upgrades again. An internet connection and device with a browser are your only infrastructure requirements.

Global operations: Unify global operations into a single platform, giving you the ability to efficiently manage the entire supply chain, international entities, and currencies and local compliance requirements.

Omnichannel: With NetSuite, you can easily manage all sales channels—such as back-office, e-commerce, mobile apps, retail and EDI—within a single, unified platform; providing unmatched power in serving customers no matter where and how they buy.

Sales channels: Companies are faced with unique challenges of selling direct to customers, wholesale and distributions, with each channel presenting its own set of unique requirements, pricing, billing, back-office support and supply chain needs.

Order management: Streamline operations to ensure orders are delivered to customers on time, efficiently and accurately; manage order processing and fulfillment, warehouse operations and automation "WMS," customer returns and 3PL integrations within a single system.

Inventory visibility: Leverage powerful inventory management functionality that provides users with a detailed visibility of inventory that is on hand, in transit, planned and available. Appropriate visibility can be given to users across departments, cutting down on error-prone manual communication, inventory shortages and customer delays.

Contract manufacturer management: Integrate directly with contract manufacturers to more efficiently control raw material buys, production events, on-site inventory balances and transfer orders.

NetSuite Buyer's Guide

In this guide, you'll find information on NetSuite pricing, product comparisons, a free trial, and instructions on how to qualify and purchase. For a more detailed breakdown on pricing options, download our FREE NetSuite buyer’s guide.

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Quality control: Improve product quality by leveraging NetSuite's flexible quality policies, standards, test definitions and rules; drive appropriate action as inventory is received, produced and picked for shipment.

Inventory demand planning and MRP Leverage the unified data in your system to monitor and plan for stock levels, adjust for inventory trends and optimize the efficiency of procurement and production scheduling.

CRM and customer support: Improve customer experience and satisfaction by making it easier for customers to interact with your support team, proactively identify and resolve potential customer issues and protect brand reputation in the market.

Promotions and marketing: Leverage increased insights to drive and monitor targeted marketing outreach and campaigns (integrating with outside marketing platforms as necessary), with the ability to set up flexible promotions, discounts and coupons.

Integrate and extend: NetSuite is built to plug into your organization, allowing you to easily stream data between NetSuite and outside systems; leverage NetSuite's full suite of open API's, CSV exports/imports or pre-built connectors to mix and match to the unique needs of your operation.

NetSuite capabilities: A unified platform for consumer products

The NetSuite platform is built from the ground up to meet the unique needs and challenges encountered within the consumer products industry. 

Sales and distribution

  • Omnichannel: unify sales channels, including web, EDI, in-store and back-office
  • Support for recurring orders, clubs and subscriptions
  • Tailored pricing, promotions and experiences for B2C/B2B customers
  • Fully integrated e-commerce store and personalized customer portals
  • CRM, opportunity tracking and support/case management
  • Report on sales performance and trends across channels
  • Support for global operations, subsidiaries and multicurrency

Supply chain management

  • Integrate with third-party logistics and contract manufacturers
  • Track inbound shipments, ownership transfers and delivery dates
  • Direct contract manufacturers and monitor performance
  • Support native or integrated demand planning and scheduling
  • Manage vendor relationships, agreements and performance
  • Support native or integrated WMS and shop floor systems
  • Support for real-time parcel and LTL shipping integrations

Inventory, manufacturing and quality control

  • Flexible inventory attributes and units of measure conversion
  • Built-in lot and serial tracking with forward/backward traceability
  • Set up BOM's and issue work orders for in-house production and rework
  • Set up multiple facilities and track detailed location/bin movements
  • Visibility of on-hand, in-transit, planned and available balances
  • Establish quality policies, test definitions and track results
  • Flexible costing engine and margin analysis

Why partner with RSM?

RSM is one of the largest and most highly decorated Oracle NetSuite partners globally, and serves as a Solution Provider Partner, Alliance Partner, and BPO Partner for NetSuite. RSM is the trusted advisor to middle market companies for the evaluation, selection, implementation and support of our customers’ NetSuite investment. With more than 100 offices across the North America and a global network with established NetSuite practices in 14 countries, RSM has certified and highly experienced NetSuite resources around the world. With our unique understanding of the middle market, we’ve helped thousands of companies move forward with confidence. We listen closely to make sure we understand you, your business and your organization’s culture, so that you experience the power of being understood.

What RSM brings

  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Personalized service from local offices
  • Proven implementation methodologies from 30+ years of ERP and CRM experience
  • On-shore client support
  • Largest Global NetSuite Partner serving  1,500+ NetSuite Clients since 2004


  • NetSuite Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year 2013-2014, 2016-2020
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Partner of the Year 2019
  • Accounting Today VAR 100: Ranked #1 2015-2020
  • Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VAR 2011-2020


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