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Fine tuning business performance and winning baseball games with data


Businesses produce an abundance of data. But not every data point is useful to every decision-maker. Being able to deliver relevant and contextual business intelligence on demand can drive performance in any enterprise—even a Major League Baseball franchise.

Download this white paper to learn how role-based dashboards aggregate critical information in a unified data model. You’ll learn how the minor league pitching coordinator for the 2016 World Series champion Chicago Cubs is among those who:

  • Avoid additional investment and complex integrations to get the data they need to continuously improve the operation
  • Leverage timely, seamless, efficient and cost-effective reporting
  • Access key performance indicators (KPIs) and insights anywhere and on any device without having to rely on experts or move between different systems
  • Streamline the link between business strategy and key business drivers
  • Capture every detail of a business event, process or transaction

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