Rapid Verification Model for Dynamics 365

Increasing your time to ERP value while reducing risk

Implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides several benefits, including increased business process efficiency, refined analytics and greater transparency. While some technologies can demonstrate a rapid realization of value, speed of deployment of ERP systems can be slow without the right approach.

To solve this problem, RSM has developed the Rapid Verification Model, a unique, proactive implementation approach that provides value much sooner in the deployment cycle. We combine decades of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation experience, resource readiness and environment readiness to decrease risk and increase time to value. In addition, the Rapid Verification Model introduces a fixed-cost approach, greatly reducing overall budget risk.

The right starting point

We bundle services, tools and knowledge into a unique framework that enables your business, people and processes. The Rapid Verification Model allows you to interact with your data and processes directly in the system, rather than sample data and processes in the traditional model. This reduces the number of requested modifications, a key aspect in managing costs and improving the long-term viability of the system.

Not a race to the finish line

Typical industry configuration methods promise a better-faster-cheaper deployment, but include a rigid approach that may limit value and not align with your business. At RSM, we have re-engineered a flexible methodology to focus on value while minimizing budget impact. The Rapid Verification Model implements a representative working model as a starting point, enabling greater efficiency for positive budget impact and better decision-making.  


"With RSM’s Rapid Verification Model, BFY Brands was able to complete our conference room pilots with the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution within 10 weeks of the project kickoff. Using this model as well as RSM’s approach provided real value in accelerating our project in a cost effective way which is much different than other implementations I have been involved in.  This was very important to us because we are a lean organization and don’t have the resources to devote full-time to a 12- to 18-month implementation plan. Additionally, the fixed fee approach for this portion of the project significantly reduced the company’s overall financial risk."



Realizing value quicker while reducing risk

RSM’s Rapid Verification Model addresses your business, people and processes to create a better ERP project outcome. We accomplish it through three core values:

  • Vision: We leverage our extensive industry knowledge to evaluate your system based on best practice configurations before the deployment team engages your users.
  • Value: By adding actual data to our preconfiguration, we can truly focus on what enables your organization, rather than simply re-creating existing processes.
  • Velocity: By focusing on value and empowering clients in the transformation process, we reduce time to value, drive user adoption and quickly address gaps.

Our flexible Rapid Verification Model delivers results efficiently, and puts the power in your hands for the implementation time frame, customizations and costs.

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"As we evaluated solutions, I found that there are many different implementation approaches in the market. RSM’s Rapid Verification Model is truly unique and sets itself apart from the typical industry configuration. The Rapid Verification Model provides hundreds of documented industry specific business processes and when delivered, was fully functional incorporating our company data. Utilizing RSM's extensive industry experience, this approach has helped to establish best practices for our business while providing the foundation to support the company’s future growth objectives."

— Scott Kumf, CFO, BFY Brands, Inc.