Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

Before you can see what's in your future, you need to see what's in your information system.

Rapid Sales Order Entry. Inventory control. Employee productivity. Demand forecasting. Reduced expenses. Customer satisfaction. Software solutions which make it a reality.

Sharp, trained and experienced consultants at RSM are ready to bring you the right combination of technology and real world advice.

Customers want more but want to pay less. Suppliers want you to hold the inventory - not them. In a tight margin industry like wholesale distribution, every technology decision you make must improve efficiency and build your bottom line. System integration is now critical. Things are moving faster, and you need the right products and services working together to keep pace.

Vendors may no longer support your current software and you just can't make old information systems do new tricks.

To meet the demands of your customers and stay competitive, it will take the right software solution so you can:

  • Process sales orders quickly
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate data
  • Anticipate trends to meet growth opportunities
  • Carry the right inventory at the right time
  • Get inventory costs under control
  • Free up working capital
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Respond quickly to customer demands
  • Improve order fulfillment efficiencies
  • Utilize self service tools to place and see the status of orders
  • Manage multi channel retail

A better look at your information technology needs. A better look at your business.

Solving technology issues means nothing if you can't solve the right business problems. RSM goes far beyond implementing new software. We offer business and financial consulting to make sure your investment is wisely spent. For mid-sized companies which need to work lean , it's a great way to solve a variety of business issues.

Unlike companies only offering computer hardware and software, RSM offers a full range of services mid-sized wholesale distributors value - like application software hosting, operational consulting, human resources and risk management. We take an objective view of your business, learn your company's processes and then bring you the right technology to improve those processes.

Our solutions include warehouse management, electronic data interchange (EDI), bar coding, radio frequency (RFID) and automation.

RSM offers solutions from Microsoft for wholesale distribution including Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft Dynamics® SL, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and SharePoint Server.

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